HM dedicates a day to service

All Horace Mann divisions came together to participate in the 8th annual Service-Learning Day this past Saturday and to strive to “build bridges” between HM and the greater Bronx community.

“[Service-Learning] Day is always supposed to be a culmination of work we’ve done throughout the year,” Director of Center for Community Values & Action Dr. Jeremy Leeds ’72 said.

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August (11), Mindich (11) elected as SBPs

Seven pairs of students campaigned for the title of Student Body co-Presidents (SBPs) this past week by hanging posters, creating platforms for the Student Life Haiku Page, and answering questions during a “Meet the Candidates” session.

After two days of student voting, Russell Mindich (11) and Max August (11) were elected to be next year’s SBPs.

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Middle Division

Holocaust Survivor Recounts Experience

On Monday, Middle Divison students had the opportunity to hear Anita Schorr  P’74, a Holocaust survivor, speak about her experience moving through different concentration camps in a division-wide assembly. Schorr was invited to speak to the Middle Division by family friend of Olivia Pilot (7). Schorr has dedicated the past few years of her life to sharing her story ... Continue Reading

Opinions & Editorials

Mutual respect: Appreciating our peers' passions

After spinning out of a pirouette, I glanced at the audience only to be greeted by the one thing a dancer finds most insulting––laughter. My dance class spent the better part of the year preparing a beautiful and emotional piece for Book Day that I was incredibly proud of. Our hard work was to culminate in a performance that not ... Continue Reading

Re-evaluating the SBP voting system

Why do we have elections for SBP? Presumably, elections enable the student body to select the candidate who would best fit our community. However, if our method of selection is ineffective or inefficient, can we still be sure that the candidate we selected is the best fit?

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Arts & Entertainment

Acappellooza Bridges Community Through Music

Last Friday, the entire Cohen Dining Commons resonated with the unique vocal sounds of different a capella groups, all of which were participating in Acappellooza. 

This was the Sixth Annual Acappellooza event, and it featured performances from a cappella groups from the school as well as groups from Dalton, Rye Country Day, Spence, Brearly, Nightingale-Bamford, and ... Continue Reading

Diversity Office Explores Racial Issues Through Art Trip to MoMA

The Diversity Office and several school teachers stood in awe, surrounded by the bursts of color juxtaposed with the gloom of industrial life depicted in Jacob Lawrence’s artwork during their recent trip to his MoMA exhibit, “One-Way Ticket,” this Monday. The works explored issues relating to inequality and race that some still face today.

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Keeping up with the Times: Students stay updated with news

Whether through Facebook, the New York Times’ website, or in school classes, students learn about current events in their own ways for their own reasons.

Through social media and online news sources, the exposure that students get to current news increases, but so does the unreliability. For example, Daniel Rosenblatt (11) gets his news from the online versions ... Continue Reading

Students consider courses for next year

When approaching the course selection process that all freshman, sophomores, and juniors are currently in the midst of, remember to choose wisely; factors such as course rigor, interest, and college applications all play a large role when choosing classes, students said.

For Marissa Parks (10), interest in a course is an important factor, but she also feels pressure ... Continue Reading