CC initiative suspended by administration

The Community Council’s plans to implement a system in which students can use digitized ID cards to pay for cafeteria food have been put on hold for the time being due to security concerns. 

The proposed initiative would allow students to use virtual ID cards on a smartphone app in place of actual ID cards. However, ... Continue Reading

Debate “dominates” tournament

The Debate Team exceeded expectations at the Bronx Science Debate Tournament this past weekend, Debate co-President Matthew Harpe (12) said.

“The tournament is one of the hardest in the country,” Asher Spector (10) said. 

Of the six teams sent, four had winning rounds, and many teams dominated the tournament, Harpe said. 

“Ellis ... Continue Reading

Islamic world unfolds at the Met

During a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, History of the Islamic World students connected to their curriculum through artifacts.

On Tuesday, students in the elective received a guided tour of the Islamic art galleries. Their guide pointed out the exhibit’s highlights, giving students explanations of each piece’s importance. The collection features works from ... Continue Reading

Alum to found private school

When Matthew Friedman ‘00 realized that intellectually advanced, low-income students were not reaching their full potential in their local public schools, he decided to found an academically rigorous middle school for children living in poverty.

“In every class, there are a few kids with extreme potential, and those students need to be in a more supportive ... Continue Reading

New publication to present poetry monthly

In an effort to help students express themselves with minimal judgment, Neil Ahlawat (12) and Nathaniel Tillinghast-Raby (12) created The Pamphleteers, a monthly poetry publication. 

The Pamphleteers, unlike most publications, has an anonymous editing process. Editors read the poems without knowing who wrote the poem. 

By having the poets take their name off of ... Continue Reading

Middle Division

“The Rock Band” debuts at 8th grade parent-visiting day

The student-run Middle Division Rock Band is having its debut performance today for 8th Grade Parent’s Visiting Day.

“The Rock Band” is made up of seven students, all of whom are 8th graders. There is a guitarist, a drummer, a bass player, and a mini-chorus.

“It’s pretty intimidating. They’re playing in front of not only their peers, ... Continue Reading

Opinions & Editorials

Don’t touch, but please look!

“Has anyone been to the HM gallery yet?” asked my art history teacher a few weeks into the school year. The classroom was silent. “We have an art gallery?” someone asked, provoking a few snickers, although the same question was no doubt mirrored in some of my peers’ minds. I was neither very surprised nor guilt-free, given that ... Continue Reading

A call for a day of civility and awareness

I think the world of you all. You are among the brightest and kindest group of people I have ever known. I am thrilled to be among you and to teach you. But today I had a moment, which I hate. I had to chastise two of your Horace Mann peers. Why? Because of the silliness of your ... Continue Reading

Lion's Den

Girls’ Volleyball spikes the trifecta

The Girls’ Varsity volleyball team had a 3-0 week, defeating Rivderdale at their homecoming on Saturday, Poly Prep on Monday, and Dalton on Wednesday. The wins brought the team’s final record to 12-2 and earning them a second place in the Ivy League.

On Saturday, the Lions came out with a 3-0 win against the winless ... Continue Reading

IVY LEAGUE CHAMPS: Soccer continues win streak into postseason

Playing in front of their biggest crowd of the season on opponent turf, the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team continued their 12-game winning streak with an overtime win against Riverdale on Saturday. The Lions followed with a victory against Poly Prep in penalty kicks on Monday. With their win on Monday, the team clinched the Ivy League Championship for the ... Continue Reading

Arts & Entertainment

Bat child found at the school!

A tender song relies on verse in bat noise and a creature who is part bat takes part in a religious revival; everything about the Horace Mann Theatre Company’s (HMTC) production of “Bat Boy: The Musical” is delightfully tongue-in-cheek. 

“Bat Boy” is the horror story of a half-human and half-bat creature, played by Isaac ... Continue Reading

Students collaborate with professionals to set the scene

The pair of striking black staircases on either side of the stage with clusters of old lighting instruments and pipes jutting out from them provide a fittingly nontraditional set for “Bat Boy: The Musical.” 

The set, which the Stage Crew built, is modern and minimalistic, co-Technical Director Daniel Lein (12) said. The twisted steps leading to ... Continue Reading