Alumni group develops investigation

The school and alumni are still in the process of addressing sexual abuse by faculty members in the 1960s through the 1990s. And an alumni group is working on own initiatives to shed light on the school’s past and prevent future incidents, members said.

Thirty-two alumni, several of whom first recounted their stories of abuse in a June 2012 New ... Continue Reading

Community Council to continue concrete changes

From installing vending machines in Tillinghast to organizing lunch discounts at restaurants down the hill, the Community Council has developed and implemented many initiatives this year, representatives said.

“This year, we’ve focused less on what it means to be a member of the Community Council and more on going out and getting things done,” said Adam Resheff (11), who was ... Continue Reading

Saying goodbye to senior year: Senior events prompt reflection, nostalgia and excitement

The end of senior year brings sunny afternoons on the field, APs and many events in the final week of school for the seniors to bond and to reflect on their time at the school.

Throughout the final school week, they participate in color war, senior movie night, a scavenger hunt and “Letting Go,” an evening for parents and students ... Continue Reading

Middle Division

Looking back: Robin Ingram reflects on ten years as MD head

This year marks the end of my tenth year as division head and my fifteenth year at Horace Mann.  I was a teacher in the Middle Division and chair of the Science Department when my predecessor announced her retirement, and I put in my resume to be considered in the search for the new division head.  The afternoon that my ... Continue Reading

Opinions & Editorials

Bedroom snapshots: Acknowledge our hidden diversity

Though seldom explored, a person’s sleeping space says much about them: his or her background, heritage, socioeconomic status, surrounding society, interests, personality- the list goes on and on. In many ways, the sleeping space is the window to one’s life. 

Personally, the stack of novels on my desk reveals that I have a lot of reading ... Continue Reading

Editorial: One last goodbye to Horace Mann

As this editorial board’s years at the school come to an end and we reflect on our journey through high school, we are left to piece together a number of conflicting impressions of this institution. After producing 31 issues of The Record and discussing 31 editorials, we have just as many questions as we do conclusions about our ... Continue Reading

Lion's Den

No female named to Varsity Club, Athlete of the Year

For the first time in more than 30 years, no female athletes were inducted into the Varsity Club or named Athlete of the Year. Last year, there were 8 girls and 6 boys chosen to be part of the Varsity Club.

 “We looked hard for the girl, but there were none. It’s not a boy girl thing, it’s strictly performance,” ... Continue Reading

2014 Varsity Club & Special Sports Awards

Thomason Cup: Lamia Ateshian

Lamia Ateshian (12) has proven to be a quiet leader during her four years of volleyball and three years of basketball, her coaches and teammates said. 

For her accomplishments both on the court and in the classroom, Ateshian is the recipient of the Thomason Cup–an annual award presented to the varsity athlete who maintains the highest ... Continue Reading

Arts & Entertainment

'Upper West Side Story' parodies school culture

Clad in sparkly dresses and high heels, Dylan and Skylar Levine, played by Rebecca Shaw (12) and Danielle Steinman (12), address their bat mitzvah guests. They thank “bubbe and zayde” and explain their mitzvah project, fundraising for “jetskis for the third world,” to send jetski instructors to East Sudan. 

The lights dim as Katy, a student applying to college played ... Continue Reading


'The elephant in the room': Finding a language to talk about socioeconomic diversity

One by one, Kylie Logan’s (12) classmates went around the room describing their winter breaks. 

“The Bahamas.” “France.” “Costa Rica.”

“I wanted to be able to say with pride: ‘yes, I stayed home and drank hot chocolate and shoveled snow,’” Logan said.  “If I were to say out loud, ‘I’ve been at home because I didn’t have the money,’ I ... Continue Reading

Prep for Prep: Training for academic success

“I can look back over my life and the monumental changes and opportunities that have come about, and in most cases, it always traces back somehow to Prep,” Jameel Dennis ‘91 said.

Dennis is one of dozens of former and current students here who have been a part of Prep for Prep. Established in 1978, Prep is a fourteen-month long ... Continue Reading