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A look into the past: Class of 1992

Megha Nelivigi, Staff Writer

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Almost 40 years after meeting the people she still considers her closest friends, Hayley Friedman Morrison ‘92 will be attending her class’s 25th reunion at Homecoming this Saturday.

Though the class as a whole has not seen each other much apart from the school-organized reunions, Morrison has sustained her 38-year-old friendships well into adult life.

As a student, Morrison enjoyed history and art history, particularly her 20th Century History class with history teacher Gregory Donadio, as well as a math class she took with math teacher Lynne Hirschhorn.

Outside of academics, Morrison participated in Mannikin, the school’s yearbook club. “I was very proud to be a part of the club,” she said. “I made some of my best friends at my Wednesday Mannikin meetings.”

Allison Baer ‘92 participated in numerous extracurriculars, including Saturday Morning Tutoring, peer leadership, and taking photographs for publications, she said.

Baer also spent her time on the Varsity Soccer and Softball teams. Her love of softball inspired her and her friend to create the Marathon Softball event, a 24 hour softball game that raised money for the Starlight Foundation, an organization for critically ill children, she said.

“I think for a lot of people high school is all about getting into college, but I appreciated the real intellectual experience that it was; I loved learning,” Baer said. She thrived on the high intensity and fast pace the school is known for and wanted to push herself as much as she could, she said.

Although the rigor of the school still remains, Baer believes the biggest difference from when she graduated is the integration of technology into classes.

“We didn’t have computers or iPads or SmartBoards like current students do,” Baer said. “We went to the library to research and wrote on chalk boards in class.”

Another difference may be that the size of her graduating class was only around 150 students, compared to the 180 or 190 in each class now, which Baer believes makes for a more competitive environment, she said.

Although the class of ‘92 graduated high school a quarter of a century ago, many of their senior traditions are ones current seniors participate in to this day, Morrison said.

For instance, Senior Absurdity Day, where seniors dress up in wacky costumes and parade on Alumni Field; and Senior Cut Day, where seniors cut school and go on a grade-wide trip one day in the third trimester, still exist, she said. Morrison and her class went to Six Flags on their Senior Cut Day.

Since graduating, Morrison has continued her involvement with the school in a number of ways: she is a part of the alumni council and attends many of the school’s events, including Homecoming and other benefits, she said.

Ultimately, Morrison learned some of the most important lessons in her life during her time at the school, she said.

“HM taught me how to be prepared for everything and anything,” Morrison said. “After graduating and in my job, I knew that if I made sure I knew as much as I could and prepared as much as I could, I would be well-equipped for any situation or scenario.”

The school also gave her many other skills, including determination, persistence, the ability to be outspoken without fear, and intellectual curiousity, Morrison said.

Baer looks back at her time at the school fondly as well. What she learned at the school helped her for the rest of her life, she said.

“Horace Mann pushes students to learn and expand our minds into things we might not always be familiar with,” Baer said. “I do that now every day: I use the research skills, the time management; the things you learn you use for the rest of your life.”

Overall, Morrison described her class as “a really great group of people.”

“Being at Horace Mann was one of the best times of my life,” Morrison said. “It truly is a great place, and I hope the next generation feels the same way.”

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A look into the past: Class of 1992