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Girls Volleyball

Eddie Jin, Staff Writer

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Despite significant changes in the structure of the team, the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball Team has begun the season with a 2-4 record.

One of the biggest changes to the team is the significant number of seniors that the team lost this year, Maggie Brill (12) said.

However,   the Lions recently broke out of a four game slump with wins against Riverdale last Wednesday and Convent of the Sacred Heart this Monday.

Brill attributes the victories to improved communication between team members.

“We’re starting to learn how to work better together as a team, and that’s what’s leading us to be more successful in our games,” Brill said.

The teammates help each other in all aspects of the game.

“We’re doing a really good job working together as a team, whether it’s suggesting something technical to a teammate or just calming each other down when we get flustered and panicky during games,“ Kyra Kwok (11) said.

“Communication is what makes everything run in a certain system. System is really important in volleyball because everyone has a place on the court, and everyone has to be in the right spot,” Brill said.

In addition to the new make-up of the team, the Lions have also undergone a change in the coaching staff. Due to the departure of Former Head Coach Michelle Lee, Head Coach Lynford Foreman is now leading the Lions.

Foreman has been playing volleyball since attending high school in Jamaica. He has represented Jamaica as a member of both the Junior and Senior National Team and served as the head coach for the Jamaican Women’s National Team.

Coach Foreman uses physics and other concepts taught in school to help teach the team the mechanics of volleyball. For example, he uses the reflection of light rays to explain how to angle the hand when passing the ball, Formen said.

Though this is a new style of coaching to the team, Foremen says they are adapting well to his philosophy.

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Girls Volleyball