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Julia Robbins, Staff Writer

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The Boys Cross Country team has several new additions to its lineup this year, including four new freshmen, two new sophomores, and a new assistant coach, all of whom are working to make the Lions one of the top five teams at the IVY Prep Tournament, Eddie Jin (10) said.

The Lions have struggled at some of the invitational meets this season, Jordan Kinard (12) said, but the team did  well this past weekend at the Mayor’s Cup where Jack Sendek (9) won the Freshman Race with a time of 9:25 for the 1.5 mile course.

Masa Shiiki (10) came in third out of 186 runners, with an impressive time of 14:23, and Jin placed eighth with a time of 14:40. The Lions next three scoring runners were Captain Josh Doolan (12), Michael Truell (12), and Sajan Mehrotra (11) placing 34th, 35th, and 39th respectively.

“Our team has actually had its strongest year, we have a really strong underclassmen group,” Doolan said. “I think if we are able to continue with these fast times, we will see improvements.”

Sendek is a “really incredible runner that is already running varsity races,” Teddy Rashkover (12) said. Along with Sendek, Aiden McAndrews (9) is another freshman that has been working hard, Rashkover said.

However, it is sometimes hard to lead a team that brings in new athletes who need to acclimate to a new training regimen. Therefore, the current captains have relied on Head Coach Jon Eshoo to keep runners motivated, Rashkover said.

While the captains have been good at keeping the team together and have been good leaders, as an “experienced kid,” Eddie Jin (10) will sometimes step in to help lead the team as well, Rashkover said.

“Eddie is almost like a surrogate captain for us,” Kinard said.

In addition to having a new coach, the weather this year has been hotter than in years past, which makes certain meets more difficult to run in and specific practices less useful, Rashkover said. While heat is something that runners can slightly acclimate to, it is still more likely for runners to cramp up in hot weather, Rashkover said.

According to Doolan, hill workouts have been a key to the team’s improvements.

“We’ve done a lot of hill training. We are seeing that working as people get faster as the year progresses,” Doolan said.

Aside from the weather, something else that the runners have had to come to terms with this year is the new attendance policy, Kinard said. Many runners were upset by the new policy, but most of the athletes have gotten past their initial negative reaction, Kinard said.

Students on the team that participate in clubs like Debate, Model UN, and Model Congress have been more adversely affected than other athletes on the team, Kinard said.

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