Fake News Alert: Every senior takes a gap year

Aaron Snyder, Not a Staff Writer

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The college counseling office was forced to close on Tuesday after being swarmed by seniors asking if they could take a gap year. The seniors, likely inspired by Tuesday’s assembly, also wanted to know it was too late for them to apply to Colorado College.
The high cost of gap years made the college counselors hesitant to recommend that the entire senior class take a year off between graduating from Horace Mann and beginning college. To address the concerns of their counselors, the seniors worked together to devise a plan to subsidize their gap year.
The class came up with two promising proposals. The first was a plan to work on a presidential campaign. That plan had to be rejected after the college counselors reminded the seniors that their gap year would not coincide with an election year. The second was a plan to start a business selling whiteboards. That too had to be rejected after the seniors learned that the whiteboard market was already cornered by a different HM alumnus.
Just as all hope seemed lost, an anonymous HM alumna generously donated $12 million to fund the seniors’ gap year. When asked what they planned to do during their gap year, the two most common responses were “travel the world” and “reevaluate every decision I made while at HM.”