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Poetry Showcase: Red Telephone

Beatrix Bondor

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I think the green bananas are a kind of street
sign, and that the wind behind
the lens is misleading.
Polka dots are classy, in a way
only salt crystals could understand, and
this striped world could learn by not hanging up
the phone – the world could learn
a lot by pronouncing the ‘tele’- and twisting
its coiled cord like the 80’s, or the curls of a girl
before straight was the style.

Seventeen failed
relationships darken my mind
tonight, and so does one successful marriage.
So does the right choice, and so do
the peppered canyons between the seconds
before my very first

kiss. I hope the words don’t learn
about caution. I hope they’ll tumble forever,
without searching for another time. I hope
you’re awake right now to share
the night with me, because someone,
somewhere, is tasting for the very first time
champagne, crayons, red canyons,
saltshakers, the bravest sand dunes,
and the bladed bananas
in all their terrestrial tartness.

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Poetry Showcase: Red Telephone