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Water shortage and cold weather cause difficulties for sports teams

Betsey Bennett

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Student athletes and P.E. students alike returned from winter break to find that Prettyman Gymnasium lacked running water.
According to Director of Facilities Management Gordon Jensen, the issue stemmed from a temporary feed from Fisher Hall to Prettyman Gymnasium that was installed last spring when the original water line had to be removed due to the construction.
This temporary feed was exposed to the elements, and a section of it froze due to the cold weather, Jensen said.
The maintenance team resolved the issue and returned the gymnasium’s water to full pressure in time for students’ arrival on Tuesday morning, Jensen said.
Athletes encountered several obstacles while practicing on Monday without water.
Co-Captain of the Boys Varsity Swim Team Brian Song (12) was unable to shower after practice, he said.
“I turned the shower on, and only a little dribble came out, that’s it,” Song said.
Since the water fountains were not working, members of the athletics department brought in water coolers so that athletes would stay hydrated during practice, Director of Athletics, Health & Physical Education Robert Annunziata said.
“I think the time when I wanted a drink the most was at the end of practice,” Ben Chasin (9), a member of the Boys Varsity Basketball team, said. “There were no working water fountains, so I went into the trainer’s room and drank four or five cups of water from the tap.”
Annunziata also encouraged athletes to use the bathrooms in a limited manner.
Although Annunziata was surprised by the lack of water, he was expecting the cold temperatures that athletes practicing in the Lower Gym faced.
“We have the one heat unit that’s up on the track heating the entire gym, so obviously with the extra cold weather, it’s a little chilly,” Annunziata said.
Jaden Kirshner (9), a member of the Boys Varsity Basketball team, noted the cold at practice.
“I had to wear a long-sleeve jersey, which I have never had to do,” Kirshner said. “And it’s hard to play basketball in cold weather.”
The pool has also been uncharacteristically cold and murky, Jeren Wei (11) said.
“On the first day back, the pool was so murky that when I put my hand in the water, I could barely see my fingertips,” Wei said.
However, Jensen said that the pool conditions are normal. During the swim season, the pool is always set to a colder temperature of 79 degrees, he said.
“Some cloudiness is typical for this time of year with the usage of the pool,” Jensen said. “Filtration always happens and levels are checked three times a day to make sure the chemistry is correct.”

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Water shortage and cold weather cause difficulties for sports teams