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HM 246 presents gallery to Bronx community

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HM 246 presents gallery to Bronx community

Jeren Wei, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, the school hosted an event in Fisher Gallery to celebrate the work of students in the HM 246 service-learning program.

The space featured everything from tote bags to original music and was open to the entire school community as well as HM 246’s partner organizations, the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center, PS37, and other local public schools. The celebration lasted from 3:30-5:00 p.m. and was catered by FLIK.

HM 246 is a program in which Upper Division (UD) students host classes or activities on the school’s campus for elementary and middle school students in the Bronx community every Wednesday after school until 6, the Director of the Center for Community of Values and Action Dr. Jeremy Leeds said.

“The program is called HM 246 because Horace Mann is on 246th street, and we want to emphasize that we are a part of the Bronx community with open doors to our partners,” Leeds said.

“One of the overall objectives of the service learning program is to leave people who were involved with it wanting to work more,” he said.

HM 246 is a platform for growth for both the UD student leaders and the younger students that enroll in the programs, Leeds said.

The activities and workshops hosted by HM 246 are diverse, ranging from entrepreneurship to music production and technology. “I think the program is a fantastic outlet for these kids to explore their interests. A lot of these activities are not something they could pursue in school, and it’s a great way to meet new people as well,” Gallery Coordinator Grace Hill (12) said.

“The purpose of the gallery is to showcase the work of the students who participated in each of the programs- we have objects from fashion, entrepreneurship, women in science and engineering, and other programs,” Hill said.

For the Art Detectives program, an art history class led by Sasha Matt (11) and Louis Toberisky (12), the students created magazine collages, Sasha said.

“I think the gallery was very well done, and I think it’s exciting for kids to feel like they have done something that can be presented to the gallery,” she said

In the entrepreneurship program led by Tyler Jonas (11), the kids learned about the fundamentals of building a business. “We taught them how to develop a business plan and create an elevator pitch, and we created posters and took photographs to make a bio for each of the projects,” Jonas said.

“The kids learned how to write songs lyrics, rhyme schemes, song structure, and digital production,” teacher of the music production and technology class Ethan Matt (12) said.

“They learned how to take creative risks and how to express themselves,” he said.

The gallery is a nice way to close the year and celebrate all the work that was accomplished for both the participants and the leaders, Ethan Matt said.

“I think it was great that (the students) were able to engage in the work of their peers while showcasing their own,” Nikhil Mehta (12), instructor of the Robotics and Computer Science class said.

Although this year’s HM 246 Gallery may be the first, the program plans to expand and continue the gallery in future years. “We are looking forward to expand and deepen service learning initiatives that already have such a wonderful impact on our community,” Leeds said

“I think that the kids will come out of this experience being more confident and outspoken. Seeing their projects in a gallery will be so exciting for them,” Hill said.

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HM 246 presents gallery to Bronx community