Letter From Your SBPs

Janvi Kukreja and Nader Granmayeh

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Hi everyone!

We hope you had a fulfilling and restful summer. Welcome back!

Whether you are returning to the school campus this fall or joining the community for the first time, we want you to know that we are here for you. Ours is an amazing campus replete with faculty and students with diverse hobbies and interests. We are humbled to be leading the charge to build upon our school’s incredible foundation. This will be an eventful year filled with new classes and faces. We hope everyone is as excited as we are for this journey!

We have spent the summer planning. With so many initiatives already in motion, we hope this year will be memorable for everyone. We aim to emphasize cross grade events, bringing the high school closer together. To this end, we have discussed school-wide Scavenger Hunts, Spikeball Tournaments, and Baking Challenges and worked closely with Maroon Monsoon to prepare for the highly anticipated Homecoming 2018.

With the opening of new buildings and switch to the semester system, this is a critical school year. As such, student feedback will be essential during the transition, and we are focusing on streamlining communication between the student body and the administration. No one knows what students want better than actual students.

We have also been coordinating with faculty on some big spring initiatives. We want to tackle issues in our community such as mental health, gender equality, and sustainability, and we look forward to learning more about these topics and their impact with our fellow classmates.

Finally, we will prioritize service and giving back to our great Bronx community. We are working closely with Dr. Leeds and the CCVA to decide how to accomplish this goal.

We can’t wait to embark on this odyssey with all of you. Please feel free to stop us in the halls to discuss any ideas you have or just to say hello!

Your SBPs,

Janvi and Nader