Time to roar: Lions ready for the hunt – Football

Samuel Singer, Staff Writer

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The Boys Varsity Football Team are confident in their collective strength and individual energy but will face a tough rematch against Fieldston tomorrow, running back Kyle Bernardez (12) said.

Homecoming is a crucial game to the team’s future success as it provides an opportunity to prove the team’s capability, co-Captain defensive back Michael Sun-Huang (12) said.

Fieldston is a powerhouse team due to its incredible set of players and strategy, Sun-Huang said. Horace Mann has not beaten Fieldson in more than 15 games across three years, according to records from the Ivy Preparatory School League.

The team has recently endured some “growing pains,” as they lost to Fieldston 32-14 last week, Sun-Huang said. The difficulty was in part due to the team’s installation of a couple of new and unfamiliar offensive plays, he said.

In the future, however, they plan to use their new strategies to their advantage, and are particularly excited for their use during Homecoming, Bernardez said.

Players of all grades are making powerful moves that aid the team as a whole, Bernardez said.

Boys Varsity Football Head Coach Matt Russo described Brody McGuinn (12) as a “force for the team’s success.”

Sun-Huang said Lyndon Gay (10), a defensive player, was “incredible to work with and a powerful asset to the team.”

Receiver Kelvin Smith (12) and linemen Joshua Taub (12) will work at Homecoming to “avenge the team’s prior losses,” he said.

They are a “very cohesive group” of strong players and the energy during Homecoming will be extra-ordinary, Russo said.