Athletes shine on and off the field during fall sports season: Lucy Rittmaster

John McCarthy, Contributing Writer

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Co-Captain Lucy Rittmaster (12) led Varsity Girls Soccer through a 14 game season that was tough overall, but led to individual and team-wide improvement

After the loss of 10 seniors this year, the Lion’s “had their work cut out for them,” Rachel Kuhn (9) said. The new roster included, “one senior, one junior, seven sophomores, and nine freshmen,” Co-Captain Kiara Royer (11) said.

“Rittmaster managed to bring the team together with her positive attitude,” Royer said. With three years of experience on the team, Rittmaster “took on a leadership role this year and was a coach with a passionate voice on the field,” Coach Tim Sullivan said.

“We got a lot closer as a team and with that our passing got a lot better and we started working as a cohesive unit, not individual players,” Rittmaster said.

Rittmaster persevered despite facing injuries that, “sometimes prevented her from playing whole games,” Granmayeh said. “My knee issue was a constant struggle throughout the season. I practically lived in the athletic training office,” said Rittmaster.

Nevertheless, Rittmaster was critical to the Lions success during all of their matches. “She scored goals for us when we needed them” Kuhn said. The most memorable example being “an incredible goal at Homecoming when Rittmaster scored from a corner kick,” Royer said.

This season, she “undoubtedly developed [her] skills as a soccer player [and] on a team level, learned the importance of team bonding,” Rittmaster said. In the future, Rittmaster said that, “she hopes to play soccer for fun in college.”