Athletes shine on and off the field during fall sports season: Julia Roth

Nicholas Butera, Contributing Writer

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The Girls Varsity Field Hockey team’s strong season of eight wins to five losses was led by the Team Captain and MVP Julia Roth (12).

Roth led the team with her presence on the field. “Julia earned MVP not only because she was an amazing player, but also because she put in all the work to deserve it,” Malka Krijestorac (12) said.

Sophie Coste (12) described the “very good example” that Julia set for the rest of the team.  “Julia has great stick skills, so she was able to show how to utilize  the correct skills,” she said.

Roth was a leader off the field, too. “Julia was motivating physically and emotionally for the other players,” Krijestorac said.

Julia made an effort to include all members of the team by ensuring that everyone enjoyed their experience, Coste said.

From the start of her career, Roth had the mindset of always giving her best effort, regardless of the situation.  “Bringing energy and excitement to everything that I did is what I hope I contributed,” said Roth.

Roth attributes her success on the team and as a captain to the support of teammates and coaches. “The only way I was able to grow to the captain position was because of the people around me,” Roth said.

Roth’s legacy on the team will live on through her positive impact on younger players.