Exercise is key

William Han

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In eighth grade, I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which required reconstruction surgery. It was during the months of healing and rehabilitation afterward that followed when that I realized the importance of exercise for my own well being.

Physical exertion is my outlet for my daily tribulations, the way in which I release any pent up stress or energy. Having been a competitive swimmer for many seasons, training is part of a daily routine that keeps me grounded and provides structure in my day. The time I spend in the water simultaneously challenges and rejuvenates my body and mind. I love the adversity because I feel that I am improving my discipline, diligence, and mental toughness.

In order to perform at my own highest level, I also need to feel my best. Being in tune with my body is extremely important for me. I am constantly asking myself if I am getting enough sleep, if I am pushing myself to my limits, and if there are other strategies I can employ to strengthen myself. This constant goal search to improve drives me each and every day, giving me a sense of purpose and confidence.