Boys Varsity Soccer aims to learn from defeats

John Mauro, Staff Writer

Boys Varsity Soccer kicked off their season last Wednesday with a 4-0 win against Loyola on Alumni field. The team began the season with a strong 4-0 win against Loyola, before falling 6-1 and 6-0 against Trinity and Riverdale respectively.

The team started off with a draw against Edgemont, an out of league team. “The game really got the team to focus for our practices ahead and our next game against Loyola,” Chris Robinson.

“We are used to beating Loyola every year,” he said. “So we were going to make sure that we kept that streak going, and we beat them 4-0.”

Last Friday, the team played against the reigning champions of the Ivy League, Trinity, Robinson said. “We were down 1-0 at the half, and the game slipped away from us as fatigue and the conditions definitely got to us, letting the final score reach 6-1,” Robinson said.

Rain during the game made it difficult for the players to stay warm and be prepared to go head to head with Trinity’s fastest players, Robinson said.

Trinity’s players were also taller and stronger than many of the school’s players, Robinson said.

“We played really well against both teams, but got unlucky a couple of times against Trinity,” Co-Captain Jeffrey Chen (12) said. “We look forward to facing them and beating them the next time we play,” he said.

Since preseason, the team has gotten stronger as a unit, Robinson said. “We’ve gotten better with our passing, both in [the] midfield and to our strikers. I’m not saying that there isn’t room for growth, but it is a big improvement.” Robinson said.

As a result of the feedback from the team leaders and coaches, Robinson’s skills are improving as the season gets on, Robinson said. “Playing with this selection of players makes me want to work harder,” he said.

The team’s chemistry has also improved as they figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, Co-captain Daniel Lee (12) said. “We’ll keep going at our opponents as a unit,” Robinson said.

“Winning the game relies on our goalies giving it to our defenders or midfielders, who pass it to our strikers who then score,” Robinson said. “If one of those links fails, then scoring is out of the question.

The team is trying new formations in the early games of the season, Devin Hirsch (11) said. “Since it’s new, it’s something we’ll have to work on, but I think that our communication is improving,” Hirsch said.

“Our goal is to win. We just need to keep improving our communication and spreading the ball to the sides,” Hirsch said.

The captains for Boys Varsity Soccer this year are Lee, Chen, Chris Ha (12), and Jack Harris (12).

Lucca Correia (10), Kri Galvan-Dubois (10), Logan Dracos (10), Julian Silverman (10), Jayden Siegel (10), and Owen Stafford (9) are all underclassmen on the team.

“The team is pretty widespread this year as we do have underclassmen,” Chen said. “They all possess a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing how they grow throughout the season.”

Unfortunately, Stafford was injured in practice, but he is likely to return in three or five weeks, Lee said. “He was a starting defender for us, and we’re very excited for his future with the team,” Lee said.

Although the team is facing a tough schedule this season, the players are already aiming to make it to the NYSAIS tournament, Chen said.

Last Wednesday, the Lions played an away game against Riverdale. “We were practicing really hard in anticipation,” Jackson Feigin (11) said. “We’re all looking forward to it and want to show results for the home fans.”

According to the school’s athletic page, the team will play nearly twenty regular season games.

“We’ll be looking to give 110% in both practice and the rest of our games,” Feigin said.