Safety assembly

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Safety assembly

John Mauro, Staff Writer

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The school’s annual safety assembly on Tuesday outlined safety procedures and student vigilance while re-introducing the student body to the Public Safety Department.

The Public Safety Department discussed the methods they used to keep the school safe, such as cameras and patrol cars. They also discussed what to do in case of a lockdown emergency.

“It’s important that we have the safety assembly every year, and we practice safety procedures every year that could save lives,” English teacher Andrew Fippinger said. “I think we live in a very scary climate with the level of gun violence in the country, particularly with school shootings.”

Eli Scher (11) said learning the names of the people in the department was very important. “I have a more personal connection to the people who work behind the scenes to protect us,” he said.

Many of the department’s policies remained the same this year. “What we’ve been doing is working, so we’re staying the current course we’ve been taking,” Assistant Director of Public Safety Peter Clancy said.

The department added numbers to windows in the school to assist police officers in case of an emergency. The numbers allow officers to quickly identify the location of a room a student is in, Director of Public Safety Mike McCaw said. Additionally, safety plaques, which were made of laminated plastics last year, were reprinted in stainless steel. The plaques give instructions on actions to take in emergencies, such as lockdowns and natural disasters.

“I thought it was reassuring to know that we attend one of the safest schools in the country, and that our security team is very well prepared.” Zack Kurtz (9) said.
The department also hired six part time staff members, increased in house training, and conducted additional research on relevant safety topics, McCaw said.

“We review campus safety newsletters, current events, NYPD, and Federal and State Law Enforcement research articles and studies. In addition, we receive a daily report of world events related to violent incidents and terrorism from our social media monitoring organization.” McCaw said.

The department is constantly adding to their training repertoire and preparing for emergencies, McCaw said. “We’re never going to stop planning.”