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“Glorchestrand” takes San Fran




Noah Phillips, Contributing Writer

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On June 15, Upper Division Glee club, orchestra, and band, nicknamed “Glorchestrand” or “Blorchestra,” travelled to San Francisco to perform and bond as a group. In addition to the number of non-music related activities planned, the ensembles spent seven days in San Francisco developing their skills.

The group hit major tourist attractions including Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. They also made excursions to Muir Beach and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Despite the sight-seeing, students never lost sight of why they were in Northern California: the music development.

According to Ben Wang (10), Glorchestrand went to San Jose State University for four-hour workshops focused on learning performance techniques, he said.

Beyond skill development, there were two performances scheduled on the trip: a large performance at Grace Cathedral and another at La Posada Assisted Living Center in Santa Cruz.

Originally, the trip was planned for Scandinavia. “The trip’s location was changed due to the inclusion of band, as well as concerns about being able to provide financial assistance to make the trip as inclusive as possible,” Elizabeth Raab (12) said.

A primary goal of the trip was to build coherence, Raab said. As individual and collective ensembles, the group bonded through their activities and the free time they had to get to know one another.

With popular activities coupled with musical instruction, the trip managed to create a “cohesive, tight-knit group,” Raab said. It also improved the skills of attendees and provided an enjoyable experience, she said.

Most of the trip was spent with Glorchestrand together, allowing for musicians to mix outside of their ensemble by joining in large group activities. This fusion was the highlight of the trip, Brian Wu (10) said.

However, Stella Cha (9) wished that the trip had been slightly longer to allow even more time for bonding with other musicians. She noticed that it was only in the final days before returning to New York that stronger connections developed among members of the trip, she said.

The trip was supervised by school faculty members Chair of Music Department Timothy Ho, music teacher Nathan Hetherington, music teacher Michael Bomwell, Chair of Theatre, Dance & Film Studies Department Alison Kolinski, and Administrative Assistant to Chair of Music Department Marlene Capolupo. The chaperones travelled to all activities, though there were also opportunities for students to explore the city on their own.

There was a balance between chaperone-supervised activities and independent exploring of the city; students just had to remain in groups of three. “The teachers were never hovering over us, but they also made sure that we were safe,” Cha said.

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“Glorchestrand” takes San Fran