Psychologist Dr. Ian Pervil joins Counseling and Guidance Department

Will Han, Staff Writer

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Psychologist Dr. Ian Pervil is excited to join the Counseling and Guidance Department at the school, he said. Pervil will serve as the specialist in everything related to learning disabilities and learning differences, while both psychologist Dr. Liz Westphal and Upper Division Director of Counseling & Guidance Dr. Daniel Rothstein Ph.D. will focus more on counseling.

Before becoming a clinical psychologist, Pervil taught classes for 15 years, working with students ranging from middle school to college. In addition, he served as chair of the English department at York Prep.

“Working with students in the classroom is something that I’ve always held dear to my heart,” Pervil said. “As a teacher, I try to be creative, energetic, fun, and on my best days, even a little inspirational. I work hard to mix up my methods to keep class engaging,” he said.

During his journey teaching, Pervil developed a profound interest in psychology, he said.

“I wanted to help people struggling in other ways,” Pervil said. “I’ve always wondered about how individuals make meaning from the world around them. I am fascinated by the human mind – its complexity, elegance, and beauty,” he said.

After attaining his psychology degree, Pervil returned to York Prep as a psychologist and continued to teach English as well.

“Dr. Pervil is very dedicated to working with teenagers and loves working in schools,” Rothstein said.

The faculty members were impressed with Pervil’s keen intelligence, infectious enthusiasm, and genuine interest in students, Rothstein said.

“I feel lucky to be around such incredibly accomplished company. I’m excited to have a small space on such a beautiful, large campus, to be a part of this great big machine,” Pervil said.

Pervil is also a crossword enthusiast and an avid watcher of the Sunday Morning Show, he said. Pervil recently began pottery, a hobby that sharpens his focus, helps him become centered, and relieves stress, he said.