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Community Council creates subgroups to increase efficiency; plans initiatives

Damali O' Keefe

Lynne Sipprelle, Staff Writer

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This year, the Community Council (CC) will be divided into three committees, which will focus on making the school campus more sustainable, working with clubs on diversity in the student body, and planning schoolwide games and activities, Chair of the CC Amir Moazami (12) said.

The CC is sectioning these initiatives off into committees to ensure the council works efficiently, Secretary of the CC Janvi Kukreja (11) said.

Each committee will consist of four to five CC representatives and a senior leader, Moazami said. “By having this structure, it’s given people more autonomy to think creatively,” he said.

Initiatives that will be completed in a few weeks include getting coffee cup sleeves in the cafeteria so people do not take two cups when buying hot drinks as well as getting specific trash cans for batteries, Sustainability Committee member Jude Herwitz (10) said.

“One of our longer term goals is to stop or drastically reduce the number of plastic water bottles sold in the caf, perhaps by making it easier for students to fill up and use reusable water bottles or by raising the price of plastic water bottles and selling reusable water bottles in their stead,” Herwitz said.

“Sustainability is something that’s really important, and that I don’t think Horace Mann has focused enough attention on in the past, so I’m glad to hear it’s getting its own committee,” Ben Rosenbaum (11) said.

Mayonka Dhingra (10) said she was also excited for the new committee, and to see the school join the movement towards greater sustainability.

Kyra Hill (12) is head of the diversity committee. “I am half Asian myself, and so I really like diversity as an idea,” Hill said. “I think it’s really beautiful that there’s a lot of different people that come to our school that come from different backgrounds and identify differently, whether it be ethnicity, race, or gender.”

Hill plans to invite members of clubs such as East Wind West Wind, the Union, and the Feminist Student’s Association to the diversity committee’s meetings to discuss ideas like running joint workshops during Unity Week and Book Day.

The main goal of the committee is to extend the CC’s relationship with these clubs by talking to them about what they want in the student body and how the CC can improve specific initiatives, Hill said.

One of the committee’s immediate initiatives with the FSA is a “Humans of Horace Mann” idea where the committee will take photos of students and post them with captions about how the students identify, Moazami said.

“I like fun. Activities are fun,” Head of the Student Activities Committee Govind Menon (12) said.

This year, the student activities committee will be working on bringing Project X back to the school in October, potentially setting up bouncy castles in conjunction with the Happiness Club, and having a school-wide bake-off in December organized by each grades’ class presidents, Moazami said.

“Project X again this year sounds awesome,” Eli Laufer (11) said.

“I think our school community has a big problem with managing stress, so anything that gets their minds off work is probably beneficial for the schoolwide community,” Menon said.

Skye Rabbin-Birnbaum (11) said that out of the three new committees, he was most excited about student activities. “We need to boost class moral because it is the beginning of the year and we are into the hardships of school, yet again,” Rabbin-Birnbaum said.

The committee is also open to suggestions for activities from the student body. “If there’s demand, we will supply,” Menon said.

As a whole, the CC is trying to set up I Period speaker workshops run by Theatre Department Manager Jonathan Nye and the presidents of Model UN and Debate, Moazami said.

“Really our idea is that we’re a community council. It should be something where it’s comfortable for people to talk, for people to have ideas, for ideas to move around, for people to really think critically about what’s going on within the school,” Moazami said.

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Community Council creates subgroups to increase efficiency; plans initiatives