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Students see increased number of pests at school

Mahika Hari

Mahika Hari

Becca Siegel, Staff Writer

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Ranging from water bugs to skunks, pests have been reported across the campus from the girls’ locker room to outside Spence Cottage.

Since the beginning of the school year, many students have noticed an uptick in the number of pests around the school.  Eliza Bender (10) began to notice the bugs during field hockey preseason, when she witnessed a group of ants and some water bugs in the locker room, Bender said.

“I have seen many more bugs this year comparatively to last year”, Morgan Joseph (11) said. “Last week, I was walking with my friend in the Music department and we saw three cockroaches run across the floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen at school before,” Joseph said.

This upsurge of “creepy-crawlies” around the school, however, is a myth, Director of Maintenance Gordon Jensen said.

“There hasn’t been an uptick in pest control this year, it’s all cyclical. When it begins to get colder outside, anything that is outside will try to come inside to keep warm,” Jensen said. Bender, however, saw these bugs during the summer, she said.

The maintenance staff has various ways to combat the annual problem, Jensen said.

The school has hired weekly exterminators to check the boiler rooms and any classrooms that have had problems with pests in the past. The maintenance team also patches up any holes in the school’s fortification that mice might be able to get in, Jensen said.

Additionally, the school hires a service called Tender Trapper for issues with rodents, such as the skunk found near Spence Cottage last week. The service captures the animals from the school’s campus and releases them in upstate New York, Jensen said.

“If the maintenance department does not know about an issue than we can’t take care of it, so we do ask that everyone let us know about any issues, prior to them becoming a real issue,” Jensen said.

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Students see increased number of pests at school