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New clubs for 2017-2018 school year

Zoe Vogelsang/Staff Artist & ariella Greenberg/Art Director

Zoe Vogelsang/Staff Artist & ariella Greenberg/Art Director

Jude Herwitz, Staff Writer

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a publication in its inaugural year, will offer students the chance to write about entrepreneurs, especially those who are not well known, Cohen said. Jonny Cohen (12), Joey Peracchia (12), James Baumann (12), and Sam Stein (12) co-founded it, with Dr. Adam Casdin as the advisor.

The format will be profile based, meaning each issue will focus on a few, less well-known entrepreneurs or businesses in fields such as green energy and technology, he said.

“I think that this is a new concept that you don’t really see in a lot of the magazines we have because a lot of them are more artistic or based on news,” Peracchia said.

Cohen said he hopes to publish at least two issues this year, as well as build a base of contributing writers who will continue writing in the years to follow.

Meetings will consist mostly of group conversations centered around brainstorming article ideas, both by discussing “what entrepreneurship really means” and looking at current events and the news for up and coming businesses, Cohen said. Occasionally, they will also invite guest speakers from the Bronx or the school community to discuss entrepreneurship, he said.




Noah Phillips (10) started a new book review publication, BiblioMann, where students can write about any book they want, he said.

Phillips said that he has always been passionate about books, but noticed that there was not a publication dedicated to books currently at the school.

“I really wanted a way for the larger Horace Mann community to be exposed to books,” he said.

Caroline Bartels, BiblioMann’s advisor and Library Media Specialist, said that in the past, book review journals at Horace Mann, such as the now defunct HM Reads, have ended once their founder graduated.

“I’m just hoping this becomes something people keep contributing to,” Bartels said.

In order to make sure BiblioMann becomes an established publication, Phillips said he wants to assemble a strong editorial and writing staff to build from the bottom up.

“We want to publish at least one time this year to just get it started,” he said.


Science Bowl Team


The Science Bowl Team, which was started by Jeren Wei (11) and Zarina Iman (12), hopes to introduce a fun and interactive option for those wanting a science competition, Wei said.

Science Bowl is a gameshow-type competition in which two teams of four players compete to be the first to  answer a question about different scientific fields ranging from biology to astronomy, Wei said.

“This fun and interesting component is really unique to Science Bowl since other competitions like Science Olympiad don’t really have that interactivity or engagement, but instead are based on tests,” he said.

In addition to weekly meetings I period, members of the club will be expected to conduct independent research as well, Wei said, preparing both for the actual tournaments and the practice tournaments that Wei plans to hold at Horace Mann against other Bronx schools.

This year’s goal is to qualify for and do well at Nationals, Wei said, which requires competing at a series of regional tournaments against other schools.


Alzheimer’s Insider


Sophia Reiss (11) started Alzheimer’s Inside, a club dedicated to facilitating discussions about Alzheimer’s disease as well as looking at what can and cannot be done about it. Reiss became interested in exploring the topic after experiencing her grandmother’s decline from Alzheimer’s, she said.

“Before my grandmother’s diagnosis I had hardly heard of [Alzheimer’s] before,” Reiss said. “I was curious about it and learned a lot about how it works and how to help.”

The club’s meetings will mostly consist of someone speaking about a topic pertaining to Alzheimer’s, whether it be research, personal experience, or ways that the club can help raise money for the fight against Alzheimer’s such as participating in walks organized by the Alzheimer’s Association, Reiss said.

For this year, she said, the goals are to learn more about Alzheimer’s and what possible cures are, as well as trying to make calls to Congress to advocate for Alzheimer’s research.

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New clubs for 2017-2018 school year