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After 15 years, Pedro Montesino says goodbye

Then an now, Montesino 15 years ago and in 2017

Then an now, Montesino 15 years ago and in 2017

Then an now, Montesino 15 years ago and in 2017

William Han, Staff Writer

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After 15 years working at the school as a security guard and as part of the technology department, Pedro (Peter) Montesino will be leaving to work for the University of Pennsylvania as a Audio Visual Coordinator. Montesino’s experience at the school has profoundly changed his mindset and ability, he said.

“If it has a plug on it, Mr. Montesino is responsible for it.  From computers, to projectors, to PA systems, to all of the technologies in Gross Theatre, Peter truly does it all.” Head of School Tom Kelly said.

Montesino first began working here when he was just a few years older than the seniors. He started working as a member of the Security staff, but over time he became interested in the operations of electronics and he moved into the Technology Department. Once there, he worked under the Director of Technology Adam Kenner, Kelly said.

“Mr. Montesino played a critical role in the day to day operations of the school,” Kenner said. Mr Montesino managed classroom repairs every day and audiovisual aspects of hundreds of events per year, Kenner said.

“Watching his skills, expertise and experience develop over the years has been a pleasure,” Director of Technology Adam Kenner said.

In addition, Montesino was involved with several initiatives, such as his work with ICIE, Book Day, and various panel discussions, Kenner said.

Montesino’s has been proud to watch the school and students grow with him during his time here, he said.

“Students here always do it big, so when you’re a part of a project or event you know it’s going to be an experience that will challenge you but will have great reward and memories. I feel like I helped students grow, but they helped me grow in ways I didn’t know I would,” Montesino said. In a more literal sense as well, Montesino has seen the campus completely change since he started here, adding more faculty, staff, classrooms, and even starting to add a new building with the construction of HM in Motion, he said.

“The new science building and gym is just another example of Horace Mann moving forward and growing. I will return to see it in the future,” Montesino said.

In terms of individual experiences though, watching graduation was always the most rewarding for him, Montesino said.

“I always felt like our work was completed when the seniors marched, because that was the goal–to support the students through this academic experience and then see them go into the world. I knew the kids and that they could change the world. It gave me hope for the future,” Montesino said.

Montesino has also just been a really friendly face on campus, Kyle Gaillard (11) said. “Whenever I see him he always stops to say hi, and he’s always very busy. I guess it just shows how much he does for the school.” Gaillard said.

Adam First ’17 used to hang out with Montesino during theater production, he said.

“He was always there for me, there to listen and talk, and I really enjoyed his company,” First said.

Montesino’s willingness to lend a hand and his perpetual good cheer have made him a pleasure to work with, Levenstein said.

Before former Theater Arts Teacher Woody Howard retired two years ago, Montesino made sure to plan him a surprise party, Kenner said. He worked with several faculty members to rehearse a piece set to The Lullaby of Broadway and had them perform it in gross theater to surprise Howard, Kenner said.

“I will miss the school so much, it’s hard to describe. Horace Mann is much more than a school or job. I always felt at home at the school. I’ll miss that,” Montesino said.

“All of us are fortunate to have Montesino at the school, and his smile, work ethic, and skill set will be missed by all” Kelly said.

Marcio Moreira will immediately assist in accommodating Montesino’s leave. Furthermore, additional hours from one of the vendors will help smooth the transition. At the moment, the school is searching for new staff to find a permanent replacement, Kelly said.

“We are happy for him and his family in their new endeavors, but of course we will miss his dedication, good humor, friendship and hard work.” Kenner said.

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After 15 years, Pedro Montesino says goodbye