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A letter from Montesino

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As I embark on my next adventure, I wanted to thank the Horace Mann community for opening its arms to me 16 years ago. As a kid from the South Bronx, I never knew Horace Mann even existed until I came up for a job interview that my friend Richie set up for me. Thanks Richie! I will miss everyone who supported me and allowed me to grow into the man I am today.

I wanted to thank Facilities, Security, Flik, the secretaries, and support staff, i.e. the backbone of the school, for always having my back, allowing me to be part of the team, taking care of me, and showing extra love. I will miss working with you every day.

To the Faculty, you challenged me and pushed me to be the best I can be.

To the Music, Arts, and Theatre department, break a leg, as always!

To Athletics, you let me call your world home and I always felt welcome.

To the rest of the Technology team, thank you for always stepping in when my schedule became crazy!

To my leadership, particularly Dr. Tom Kelly, you took care of me and I will never forget that. Woody Howard, Adam Kenner, and Sheryl Baker, you are all responsible for giving me this opportunity, one that has allowed me to evolve and flourish in ways that I never could have dreamt of.

To the students, I know you will be the leaders of the world one day. I see the love and kindness in you and I hope you will continue to allow those attitudes to guide you on your own journeys. You inspire me everyday, and I know the world will benefit from you all, as I have.

I will always keep The Horace Mann School with me in my heart. This is a special community, and I feel honored to have been a part of it. Thank You.

From,      Pedro Montesino

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A letter from Montesino