Spotlight: Cindy Kaiser

Kaiser (11) Shines in the Woodwind Section of Band

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Spotlight: Cindy Kaiser

Jeren Wei, Staff Writer

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“For me, music is my emotional outlet. It is a universal language, and all people can understand it. It’s how I express myself and has been an inseparable part of my life,” Cindy Kaiser (11) said.

Kaiser began playing the flute in fifth grade because her mother loved the sound of the instrument, Kaiser said. Kaiser also liked the flute because it gave her the opportunity to play in her middle school band, she said.

The sound, tone, and musicality of the flute appeal to Kaiser. “I love the flute because it is light and free. Whenever I play the instrument I feel very relaxed, and I play the flute to calm my nerves,” she said.

After playing the flute for five years, Kaiser decided to learn the piccolo. “I picked up the piccolo after the flute. It is my second year playing the piccolo, and I didn’t start seriously until freshman year,” she said

Despite picking up the instrument so recently, Cindy plays it in the school orchestra. “Piccolo has the same fingering for most notes as the flute, and the one real difference is that you have to have a faster airstream for piccolo,” she said. “It comes easy because there is a similar technique.”

Aside from practicing at home, the school orchestra, and the school band, Kaiser is the co-President of the Music Outreach Club and attends the Mannes Prep Pre-College Program, a music school in Manhattan. To develop her musical abilities, Cindy takes courses that focus on music theory, ear training, and orchestral ensembles.

Kaiser’s performance in band and musical accomplishments reflect her diligence and devotion to her instrument. “Cindy is very dedicated to her instrument,” Band Teacher Michael Bomwell said.

“She really embraces her spirit in the ensembles she is in and has become an integral member of the group beyond the musical aspect, but in the operational and social aspect of it as well. Cindy not only excels at her instrument, but is a part of the social fabric of the ensemble” he said.

Kaiser’s passion and dedication to the instrument have allowed her musical aspirations to come to fruition, she said. The All-State Band is affiliated with the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA).

“Preparing for my audition for the All-State Band took practically all year. I practiced with Jean Wilson, my piccolo teacher, who is kind and so inspiring,” she said.

After endlessly practicing sight-reading exercises, scales, and a solo piece, Kaiser was accepted into the band, which will perform in the winter conference in Rochester from November 30th to December 3rd.

Kaiser is thankful for the support of Bomwell and the music department because she believes it has taught her the importance of music, she said. “The music department is my safe space to talk, and they are passionate people who genuinely care about their students,” she said.

“It is a tremendous accomplishment for this ensemble as a junior, and she is going to be playing with the finest musicians in the state. It is a great opportunity for Cindy and for Horace Mann to have representation in the concert. We wish her the best,” Bomwell said.