People to cover school’s story as alumni push for reform

Over the summer, parents received an email from Head of School Dr. Tom Kelly about an upcoming article on past sexual abuse at the school to be published in People.

The article will include the stories of five survivors and will be coming out sometime in the next few weeks. Two alumni interviewed for the story ... Continue Reading

Students remember 9/11

Over a decade after 9/11, student commemoration of the event has varied for students and faculty of different ages and backgrounds.

For upperclassmen, who have clearer memories of the event, 9/11 remains a tragic loss of innocent lives, a decisive turning point in foreign policy, and a day of chaos and fear, they said. 

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Middle Division

Eunice Bae (8) wins big in National French Contest

The spotlight was on Eunice Bae (8) as she stepped onto the stage to be awarded not only second in the nation in the National French Contest but also a scholarship to a two-week summer program at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York City. This scholarship is not a prize given every year and is only ... Continue Reading

Students get creative in MD Summer Book Clubs

Today the Middle Division book clubs will meet to discuss books that middle division students read over the summer. 

The MD Summer Book Club Event began a few years ago when teachers were trying to be more aware of what their students read during their free time. Librarian Caroline Bartels spoke with many MD students to ... Continue Reading

Opinions & Editorials

It's more than just a name

Before my father decided this past February to change our last name from Smilovici to Langsner, I never realized how little my last name really applied to my life. Sure, the majority of people couldn’t pronounce it, but it never really changed the way I was perceived by other students. To an extent, I still don’t care or ... Continue Reading

Spanning across cultures

            For most students, it is a casual thing: in the beginning of class each day, the teacher calls attendance and when a student’s name is called, he or she responds accordingly. However, this seemingly common routine causes a bit of anxiety for me.

            While my peers and teachers know me as Rachel, ... Continue Reading

Lion's Den

Volleyball faces out-of-league foes

After a tough first match against Fieldston, the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team came back this week with two strong victories against Holy Child and Columbia Prep. Each time, the Lions won 3 sets to 0. The team pulled together this week, showing strength in many different aspects of its game.

On Monday, the Lions played Holy ... Continue Reading

Boys’ Soccer conquers Dutchmen, improves to 2-0

Holding onto an early lead, the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team defeated Collegiate 3-1 on Tuesday. The game marked the Lions’ first victory over the Dutchmen in two years. First year player Josh Newman (10) notched his first varsity goal in the winning effort.

For the first goal of the game, defender Tim Chon (12) headed the ... Continue Reading

Arts & Entertainment

Spotlight: The world through Fisch (12)'s lens

“Some people say that photography is being in the right place at the right time, and that’s true. But you also need to bring technical skills to the table to take a good photo,” said Samuel Fisch (12), travel photographer and 2012 Young Travel Photographer of the Year by Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY).

Fisch ... Continue Reading


Dorr embraces sustainability, conserves water and energy

“I think that our planet is finite, and we need to have some responsibility in maintaining it,” director of John Dorr Nature Laboratory, Glenn Sherratt, said.

This mentality is clearly visible in the functioning of Dorr, where the Main Lodge saves 38% more energy than a conventional building of similar size, according to David Holahan of ... Continue Reading

Recycling fails because of trash in bins

 “One bad apple spoils the whole [recycling] barrel,” Isa Moise (12), Co-president of GreenHM, said.

Because only bins filled with “pure” recycling material can actually be recycled, the majority of what is recycled on a daily basis in bins around campus is currently thrown out.  Due to the inefficiency and impracticality of having dozens of people sort through ... Continue Reading