Thanksgiving Traditions: Unconventional Celebrations

Kiara Royer

Some students at the school go beyond the typical Thanksgiving meal and celebrate their own unconventional traditions. Rachel Okin (12) and her family throw a themed Thanksgiving dinner party every year with the Rosenblatts, their family friends.
The tradition began when Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincided a few years ago and Rebecca Okin ’15 came up with the idea of having a Batman-themed Thanksgiving, Rachel said.
“We all got dressed up in Batman clothing and capes and masks, and we had a menorah with a turkey on it,” Rachel said.
While the tradition symbolizes everything that Rachel is thankful for, it also gives the “Okinblatts” something special to look forward to, a night when they can all be weird,” Rachel said.
Previous themes include the Wild West and disco. This year, the theme is Hollywood, which Rachel herself came up with over the summer.
Another popular and unusual tradition is “Friendsgiving,” where friends have thanksgiving dinner together. Charlotte Cebula (10) took part in a Friendsgiving last year.
“My friends and I had a Friendsgiving where we went to a restaurant and ordered different kinds of food to share,” Cebula said.
“We had a Friendsgiving because we wanted to celebrate a holiday together as a group of friends, especially to mark the end of the first trimester,” she said.
This year Cebula and her friends are planning a more personal potluck-style Friendsgiving at someone’s house.
“We’re planning on putting up turkey decorations and eating a lot of food, which is my favorite part,” Cebula said.