Goldenberg (10) performs in professional musical


THE BRIDGE TO SUCCESS: Caroline Goldenberg (10) stars in out-of-school production of “Bridges of Madison County.”

Nelson Gaillard and Isabella Zhang

As Caroline Goldenberg (10) makes her way to the stage, she instantly transforms into 14-year old Carolyn, a character in James Robert Brown and Marsha Norman’s musical “Bridges of Madison County.” Carolyn is the daughter of the musical’s protagonist, the Italian woman Francesca, whose life changes when a famous photographer pulls up in her driveway.
“I knew that from the minute she opened her mouth, this was a young woman I wanted to cast,” Director of “Bridges of Madison County” Claudia Stefany said. “She is energetic, committed, and confident.”
“Bridges of Madison County” is more catered towards an adult crowd and has a cast with a wide age range, contrasting with the all-kid casts geared towards younger audiences Caroline Goldenberg has mainly been a part of, Caroline Goldenberg said.
She wanted to audition for this musical due to the cast’s variety in age, as it would be a new experience that “puts me in a more professional environment,” she said.
“Her audition was wonderful,” Stefany said. “I knew that she would really blossom during the rehearsals.”
Caroline Goldenberg likes to “perform and take on different roles” because they offer different and fresh perspectives to what is going on in her life, Caroline Goldenberg said.
Caroline Goldenberg’s family has a music-filled background and has always supported her as an actor and a singer. Caroline has been attending French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts singing and acting since she was seven years old, and these activities allow her to showcase her talents to others, she said.
“It is inspiring,” her sister Caitlin Goldenberg (11) said, “to see how much work she puts into preparing for her part.” Caitlin Goldenberg is proud to witness her sister develop as an actor and that her sister is “so passionate about what she is doing,” she said.
Classmates Whitney Dawson (10), Grace Ermias (10), and Sarah Acocelli (10) often help Caroline Goldenberg practice her lines during free periods and outside of school.
As Dawson and Caroline Goldenberg were in chorus together during elementary and middle school, Dawson has witnessed Caroline Goldenberg’s improvements in voice control as a singer, she said.