Boys’ Varsity Basketball falls to Regis in a high-scoring match


NOTHING BUT NET: Darius McCullough (10) show their prowess on court.

Leonora Gogos and Natasha Stange

The Boys’ Varsity Basketball team defeated York Prep, 74-44, to advance to the championship game of the Peg Duggan tournament. Although they were disappointed by their 74-87 loss to Regis in the championship game, the Lions plan to learn from the experience.

The tournament included non- Ivy League teams, allowing players to compete against teams that they wouldn’t otherwise play, Kyle Gaillard (11) said.

It was good practice for the games that the Lions will play this season since their opponents were similar in skill level to the Ivy League teams, Gaillard said.

Noah Simon (12) thought that competing in the tournament gave the players an opportunity to learn more about each others’ playing styles, he said.

Simon said that the team played with toughness and intensity throughout the game, citing the team’s successful ball movement.

Head Coach Tim Sullivan said that he was proud of the effort that the team put into the championship game regardless of the outcome. All members of the team contributed in different ways, but Kelvin Smith (10), in particular, played extraordinarily well, leading with 25 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists, Sullivan said.

Ben Goodman (10) attended the game with his friends and said that he found it exciting to watch.

In preparation for games, the team reviews the strategies that their opponents are known to use and creates a specific plan to work against them, Smith said.

The main challenge the Lions faced was that Regis’ team was comprised primarily of seniors, giving it the advantage of having stronger and more experienced players, Sullivan said.
The school’s team, in contrast, has ten underclassmen, who work hard to ensure that they make positive contributions to the team. They put forth their full effort in order to improve both individually and as a team, Darius McCullough (10) said.

Many members of the team are unfamiliar with one another. As the team continues to practice, players should become increasingly familiar with each others’ playing styles, which should help the team improve as well, Gaillard said.

The team always has a positive attitude and is willing to practice the details necessary to improve. Sullivan is pleased with how hard the players have worked so far and is excited to see what the rest of the season holds, he said.