Appreciating Transparency with Security

Editorial Board

On Tuesday, we lined up against the walls of our classrooms during a lockdown drill. Later that day, many of us left campus to head over to Tierney’s or Dunkin, passing security guards and patrol cars on the way. We are privileged that our administration trusts us enough to maintain an open campus, and we don’t want to take for granted the immense investment of time and resources that go into maintaining security at the school.

In our coverage of a security guard leaving a firearm in a bathroom on campus, the administration and the security department were immediately willing to speak to us for the story and were fully transparent about the event.

For members of the Editorial Board, the recent incident made us consider the reason security guards began to carry firearms in the first place — an alumnus made a threat to the school three years ago. When we arrived at school on Monday after the threat, there was an assembly to tell us exactly what was going on and what measures were being taken. We weren’t kept in the dark about matters of our own safety. The school’s and security department’s response to the event was a model to all of us of how to be aware, imperturbable, and prepared.

We have a tremendous amount of freedom compared to many of our peer schools, and we are extremely grateful for both the trust the school places in us and the safety they provide for us all.