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Annual Asia night celebrates culture

Katie Goldenberg

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Tonight from 5:30 to 9, students will take to Cohen Dining Commons to feast on Asian cuisine as well as the Sanders Recital Hall stage to showcase talent from the Asian community at the school’s annual student-led Asia Night, run by East Wind West Wind (EWWW).

The night’s acts will involve singing performances, student-choreographed dances, student reflections, as well as the widely popular fashion show, in which students dress up in traditional Asian clothing, including Bhutanese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai styles, Senior Board Member Grace Sander (12) said.

This year’s repertoire will also include a performance by Peng Li, a Chinese mask changer whom Madison Li (10) invited to the event after seeing him perform at her old school’s assemblies, Li said.

Mask changing is a type of traditional Chinese dance that mirrors a short play, in which the performer acts and uses magic to switch masks, she said.

Tenzin Sherpa (11) will give a student reflection about her parents’ journey to the U.S. “I wanted to celebrate all the hard work they accomplished so that I could get my best life,” Sherpa said. “Many of the values they learned through their struggles and triumphs are values that have made me the person I am today.”

Parent volunteers will bring in a variety of Asian foods for the event, ranging from noodles to sushi to dumplings, Allison Li (12) said.

Philip Shen (11), who performed at Asia Night last year, will return to participate in the fashion show as well as a group dance to the BTS K-pop song “DNA.”

“I think the dance is definitely the most exciting part,” Shen said. “Even if you’re bad the crowd loves it. It’s a really fun outlet to express the many cultures that a lot of us at Horace Mann have.”

Planning for the event began last October and involved logistical tasks such as contacting talented members of the community to perform, Sander said.

Rehearsals for student acts were held after school, with some members staying as late as 8 p.m. to perfect their performances, she said.

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Annual Asia night celebrates culture