Faculty and students show off talents at final showcase assembly of the year


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STOLE THE SHOW Maintenance, security, and FLIK staff dance in showcase assembly on Tuesday, May 22.

Jude Herwitz, Staff Writer

From an orchestral number to a Senior Reflection, students, faculty, and staff displayed their skills and talents in this year’s last Student Showcase Assembly. 

The assembly, which took place on Tuesday, May 22, featured a mix of performances by students and staff, such as Ella Anthony (10) and Max Chung’s (10) performance of Adele’s Hello and a dance performed by members of FLIK, the security team, and maintenance. 

One of Teyonce Allison’s (9) favorite parts was the video made by Adam Frommer (9) and Vivien Sweet (9) that highlighted the school’s LGBTQ+ students and faculty in honor of Pride Month, she said. 

“I thought it was really moving and it really brought attention to how people thought about different things in the LGBTQ+ community,” Allison said. “I love these student showcase assemblies.” 

Frommer and Sweet had little experience with making videos before, so they spent a lot of time in the photography and videography studio in the weeks before the assembly, Frommer said. 

Maggie Brill (12) and Ethan Matt (12) along with various other members of the school community worked together on a rap music video, which followed the video they made earlier in the school year. 

“I honestly just thought that it was a fun community building moment for students,” Brill, who was responsible for the filming and editing of the video, said. 

Unlike for previous assemblies, Chair of the Library Department Bartels sent out an email to the Upper Division announcing most of the performances, she said. 

Bartels intends on sending out emails with the topics of future assemblies before they occur, she said. 

“I think it’s just good to remind kids of what they’re about to see,” she said. 

According to Bartels, there will also be an attempt to have fewer assemblies next year, with a goal of at least two advisory periods for every assembly. Along with that, more of the assemblies which do occur will be “homegrown,” meaning they will not feature outside speakers. The assemblies that do feature outside speakers will be more spaced out, Bartels said. The decision came from student feedback about assemblies because “kids like seeing other kids on stage,” she said. 

Grace Ermias (10) also enjoyed the assembly, in part because she is “a sucker for anyone singing,” she said, In general, she enjoys assemblies featuring students much more than those with outside speakers, she said. 

“There’s a stark contrast between the student showcase assemblies where we have the maintenance staff dancing on stage versus someone comes here and talks to us about communism,