Editorial — Going Places: The College Map

Editorial Board

In Volume 114’s Class Day Issue, Rachel Lee ‘17 wrote an opinions piece about the harmful implications of printing the college map, urging the members of our current editorial board to abstain from running the map. 

We deliberated over whether to include the feature in our final issue. We are aware that the college map can lead to judgement about whether someone “deserves” to go to a certain school and their perceived intellect. 

In a survey of the Class of 2018 120 out of 130 polled voted to publish the college map. Additionally, seniors are not required to submit their names and schools for the map. Ultimately, we have come to the decision that the benefits of celebrating our community outweighed the potential downsides of contributing to the toxic culture surrounding the map. 

Lee recommended focusing on the accomplishments and goals of members of the class, and we have implemented her ideas by printing profiles of artists and athletes in our class. 

Yes, the college map might label seniors with a college brand, but it also showcases the results of years of hard work and dedication to academic and extracurricular activities. We have heard about the college process for much of our lives, and have survived the rollercoaster that is this process. 

Furthermore, the spread serves as a reference guide– seniors can see their proximity to fellow classmates, and underclassmen can find future contacts at various colleges. Parents and alumni can celebrate the class, while nostalgically reflecting upon their own journeys. 

For our college map, we chose to pay homage to Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” Our amazing art director, Ariella Greenberg, captured the signature imaginative whimsy of Seuss’ illustrations, demonstrating our excitement and pride for our classmates as they embark on the next chapters of their adventures.