Editorial Goodbyes

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Editorial Goodbyes

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Gustie Owens 

Editor in Chief 

Volume 115 Board: I have no doubt that I just spent endless hours brainstorming, trello-ing, crosswording, over-caffeinating, and reporting with future Nobel Prize winners, devoted senators, incredible doctors, and reigning hot dog eating contest champions. And although I am certain you will obtain those and many other accomplishments, working with you all this year has transformed my understanding of what success is. 

In our Unity Week issue and coverage throughout the year, we were able to elevate voices, celebrate differences, and pin-point where our school can improve, from starting conversations about sexual harassment through op-eds or leading the school to change testing center policy through our news coverage. Without needing to be the loudest people in the room, our ability to listen and diligently report on our community affected change. 

The Record gave us a unique opportunity to learn an incredible amount about Horace Mann, for better and for worse, and to contribute to an illustrious 115-year legacy. 

Lynne and Volume 116: At the end of the day, you need to be a community to serve a community. Listen to everyone’s ideas, support each other in taking risks, pursue difficult stories, and make sure to laugh along the way. 

I’m so excited to subscribe to The Record and see more people have the incredible opportunity to contribute to the school. And I hope you all look forward to receiving numerous Letters to the Editor from a crazy alumna on the Upper West Side, because I promise, they’re coming! 

Eve Kazarian 

Managing Editor 

I joined The Record because I wanted to contribute to the process of writing and preserving a community’s story. After all The Record is a record of the school for over a century. 

Since my first article, I have interviewed alumni that have become New Yorker cartoonists, pilots, artists, and coaches. I learned about my classmate’s hidden talents and watched friends perform in musicals. By writing each piece, I was able to learn a new story and share it with the community. 

So my first thank you goes out to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Thank you for making each piece possible, and sharing your voice. I know finding interview time in your busy schedule is difficult, but hopefully the joy of seeing your ideas in print makes up for it. 

I would also like to thank Volume 115. You guys have been my family. I know each board is unique, and I am so glad to be part of this group. Even though we had some crazy moments (the Hamilton dances, Trello background debates, ridiculous puns, among others), we produced some amazing pages this year. 

To Gustie: Thank you for being the best Editor in Chief I could hope for. I am always stunned by your ideas for the paper, even if they involve considering a 48 page issue or comparing Volumes from decades ago. 

To Betsey: I cannot wait to see what you do to the paper. You are diligent and dedicated; you never hesitate to accept a last-minute assignment or swim an extra event. It is shocking how you are able to balance so many commitments with grace. I am sure these qualities will get you, and the paper next year, very far. 

And thank you and farewell to The Record. Volume 115 has hung up every issue this year on the board in the Student Publications office. Most of them have yellowed by now. As I look at these pages, I feel content that these issues will forever be preserved in the school’s archives, waiting to be discovered by generations to come. 

Mahika Hari 

Issues Editor 

Each year, I’ve watched the seniors graduate and the new classes rise to take their place. But now, just like clockwork, it’s the Class of 2018’s time to leave and the Class of 2019’s time to take our place as seniors. Weirdly, I never really thought this day would come. No more first days filled with nervous excitement, being late to the bus in the morning, rain or shine trips to Dunkin’, snacks in the Lib during break, sitting on the bleachers on the main field with my friends, “mandatory” grade meetings, FLIK’s chocolate chip muffins, Slearn site visits, and no more Records causing a stir all over the school each Friday. 

Joining The Record in 10th grade was one of the riskiest things I did in my 11 years here. Before, I’d always tried to play it safe, only applying for things I knew for sure I’d get and staying well within my comfort zone. When I got my first article, I was actually terrified. Reaching out to new people and interviewing them, walking into the StuPub and talking to the editors – it was all so scary!! After that, I remember holding my breath while checking my email every weekend, hoping I wouldn’t be assigned an article that week. 

But after writing a few more, I fell in love with it. I began to understand the value of being on a school newspaper beyond sharing news with the community. Every article I was assigned was a chance to meet someone new, to hear a stranger’s story, and to give someone a voice and recognition. Being a part of The Record has shown me the multidimensionality of HM, provided me with a family full of incredible people whose talent and hard work I’m stunned by every week, and given me a kind of confidence and assertiveness I will forever carry with me. And now as I’m getting ready to end my journey as a student at HM, I realize this is all I could have asked for from my time here. Thank you Record!! I’ll miss you. 

Yeeqin New 

News Editor 

I can still remember the first article I had ever written– it was a review of a student art show in Fisher gallery– and the anxiety I had before each interview for that piece. But that nervous energy has long faded, and I can’t imagine high school without the Record. 

Although all my frees were taken up with interviews and Tuesday nights were filled with frantic, last minute article writing, I loved every second of my time as both a writer and an editor. 

Thank you Volume 115 and Mr. Berenson, for making Thursdays nights the highlight of my week. I can’t imagine a more engaging, hilarious group of people to work with, and you all teach me something new each Press Night. 

Gustie, I’m grateful for your patience and dedication to making this newspaper the best that it can be. It’s a miracle that you can somehow balance being chill and a friend with making sure we put out an issue each week. You are one of the most impressive people I know, and your creativity amazes me constantly. 

Sam, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner through all the canceled articles, last minute photo requests, and scrappy layouts. Thank you for driving me home, for making me laugh, and for being genuinely caring every week. 

To Surya and Katie: managing the News section will be hard at times, but know that it is completely worth it. Surya, your positivity and enthusiasm shines through in every article you write, and I know you will bring that much needed energy to the News section. Katie, I always look forward to the dedication and attention to detail in each of your articles, and that drive will make you a fantastic News editor. I am genuinely excited to see where you two will take the News section. 

Sam Heller 

News Editor 

To board Volume 115: Most of you guys I hardly knew going into the record, and yet by the last sophomore press night I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of junior year with you guys. There is not a single person on the board who does not add something to making each press night more enjoyable. Even though I have to put up with constant comparisons to Toby and have to listen to you guys belt out Hamilton, I still have looked forward to every thursday for the past 2 years. I’m gonna miss procrastinating my Record work with you guys. 

Gustie: You have left an extremely large impact on the Record and made changes that will affect the paper for years to come. Your constant push to try to make the paper better and have inspired me and the others to work harder. You have helped be out so much this year and I am so happy to have work with you on the record. 

Yeeqin: I honestly could not have asked for a better news editor. You always made press night a lot of fun and somehow seemed to have the same extremely odd sense of humor as I do. I cannot recall a time that we weren’t on the same page with how we wanted the new pages to look and never had any trouble splitting up the work. Most impressively though, you were somehow able to put up with me which without too much trouble, and that is honestly the most impressive skill. Even though I constantly tell you how much I hate you, I can’t imagine having run news this year without you. 

To Surya and Katie: You guys did an amazing job running the news section your week and I know you guys will do an even better job working together next year. Good luck and make sure to have fun with it! 

Nikki Sheybani 

Design Editor 

I’ve spent 88.2% of my life at Horace Mann. I’ve reached this staggering number in no small part because of the 18 hours I’ve spent each Thursday at HM, starting swim practice at 6 am and finishing press nights at 12 am. But I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. If you’re wondering why press nights trumped sleep and studying, you haven’t met the board I’m proud and lucky to be a part of. 

Despite scuffles over the aux, botched Tierney’s orders, spreads in color instead of registration, I wouldn’t trade those weekly six hours for the world. To the 2018 board: witnessing your ceaseless hard-work, unparalleled enthusiasm, and genuine passion for our paper has truly been awe-inspiring. I never thought a little computer lab, two boxes of FreshDirect, and unwavering sass could bring together a disparate group of people, but I’m forever grateful that it did. Thank you for filling my senior year with laughs and memories (both fond and traumatic). Friendly reminder, I love you guys. 

Seiji Murakami & 

Rebecca Salzhauer 

Opinions Editors 

We never thought the time would come when we would have to say goodbye to this crazy, sometime mind-draining, mostly wonderful thing called The Record. 

This year has been a wild ride. We won’t lie and say that balancing the senior year work, the college process, extracurriculars, a multi-million dollar tech start-up, a sizable butter-churning business, and a hit reality T.V. show all the while trying to get out at 8:03 p.m. like a manatee has been easy. But that’s not to say it wasn’t worth it. 

Every writer we worked with, every editorial we started way too late, and every painstakingly-chosen headline has made our experience so rewarding. The opinions section is unique for rarely having the availability of the experienced Record staff, but it was more than worth it to work with students of all ages this year for every piece that was published. We have a rare connection with the community that the other sections don’t, it has been a privilege. 

But the real reason we’ve loved our time with The Record is the group of people we’ve gotten to share it with. We truly love this hysterical, caring, cohesive, zany bunch of Record Kids™. We don’t know what we’ll do without your press night shenanigans. We’ll miss you all. 

We hope that Volume 116 can find the same kind of joy in each other that our group has. 

To Abigail and Becca– Don’t be afraid to pursue controversial pieces, stay vigilant when things get rough, and know how much potential this section has to make concrete change. The voices of everyone should be heard, and you have the power to help make that happen. The opinions section is in such good hands next year, and we’re so excited to see what you do. 

To Mr. Berenson – Even though we had our fair share of squabbles, you always maintained your sense of humor and dedication to the paper. We can’t thank you enough, and we really do appreciate your unwavering support. 

To Gustie – Thank you for being the best EIC, mother, and hedgehog pal we could ask for. We can’t imagine anyone else having done your job. Your constant creativity, innovation, and collaborative leadership skills are what made this volume happen. 

Natasha Poster 

Features Editor 

The moment I read the goodbyes from last year, I knew how difficult writing my own would be. The Record has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my Horace Mann career, and I am forever thankful for all of the memories I have made with this board. 

The Record has expanded my appreciation for my community. It has shown me how passionate and dedicated Horace Mann students and faculty members are. It has forced me to check my facts, to dig deep, and to understand that two sources are never enough. 

The Record has become a family. In high school, it is easy to get caught up in a small group of friends, and sometimes it is hard to branch out from something that you feel so secure in. We have defied this convention. I am so lucky to be a part of such a diverse editorial board. We all have different friends and do different things throughout each day, but every Thursday we come together to lay out the newspaper, laugh, sing, dance, and just talk with no tension at all. 

Board 115, I love you all and I am going to miss our Thursday nights so much. You are all so creative and passionate, and I have no doubt that you will all go on to do amazing things. Tiffany, I’m so proud of what we have done this year and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-editor. Gustie, your creativity and drive as EIC is something I admire so much about you. You push us all to try new things, and this volume will go down as one of the best yet because of how much care you put into every detail. Mr. Berenson, thank you for putting up with us every Thursday and for making sure that we are being good journalists and helping the younger students become better journalists. Also, please never stop wearing the bedazzled sweatshirt that I made. 

Volume 115, we made it! 

Jonathan Katz 

Arts Editor 

I joined The Record because wanted to know how the newspapers materialized seemingly out of thin air every week like clockwork. 

What followed was a progression of emails sent to half the student body, frees packed with interviews, and extensive edits that lacerated my verbose drafts in half. I even waited outside the offices of administrators to ambush them for quotes. It was exhausting, but I loved it: I was learning about my new school through reporting. 

It wasn’t until junior year when I truly realized why The Record has its cult following: press night. I got to spend all of Thursday with my friends singing, brainstorming, and stuffing my face with Tierney’s chicken pesto paninis. The stress of 11th grade melted away for one night a week. 

Now, as the editor of The Arts and Entertainment page, I get to develop stories about my favorite artists and the latest theater productions, all with the most fantastic co-editor I could hope for: Joanne Wang. I could not be more grateful for you, Joanne. You have pushed me to be more creative with my layouts, saved me with new ideas, and made me laugh ceaselessly while spending hours on spreads. 

Thank you Mr. Berenson for always offering insights into my articles and for being objectively the best Secret Santa I have ever had. Your wisdom and wit have made The Record the strongest high school paper in the country. 

And finally, thank you Gustie. You have created a collaborative and fun-loving atmosphere that not only consistently produces professional and up-to-date journalism, but also creative and fresh content. 

Jeren and Peri, I know the page is in great hands. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of “Arts and Entertainment”: this is your chance to get creative and make this section take any direction you want. I hope writing your Record goodbye makes you as nostalgic and grateful as I feel right now. 

Joanne Wang 

Arts Editor 

Being the Arts & Entertainment co-Editor has been amazing, as the position gave me the power to highlight the ample student talent and include these spotlights in the primary written records of our school’s history. Jonathan Katz and I focused the attention to only two to three stories each week to allow thorough appreciation of what individuals and clubs accomplish inside and outside of school. 

In addition to the Editorial Board that has become a second family to me and all those who have written or drawn for me this year, I would like to thank several specific people: 

Gustie Owens: You have been an amazing EIC this year, always striving to improve The Record with new and creative additions. Thank you for trusting me each week to finish my layout, even though I always start at press night. Your dedication is unquestionable, as you literally dream about The Record. 

Ariella Greenberg: Thank you so much for being the insanely talented artist you are and sharing your abilities with us each week. Without you, Jonathan and my abstract idea for Rappaccini Variations would never have become a reality. And guess what? We would like to thank the academy at Columbia Scholastic Press Association because our centerfold is now best in the country. 

Being a part of Record and Volume 115 has truly been an integral part of my high school experience, and I am proud that you guys will continue to devote your time to preserve the quality of our paper. 

Ella Feiner 

Middle Division Editor 

My freshman year, I soon realized that The Record was special. It didn’t just attract a particular group of participants based on a shared interest or talent. Instead, it pulled a broadly diverse sampling of students from each grade. Instead of being united by our passions for certain activities or sports, we all shared a love of writing and a desire to contribute to our school community. 

Being a part of The Record editorial board has been one of the highlights of my senior year, and I am so grateful to have had the unique opportunity to be a part of this unique community. Thanks to all of Volume 115 for providing me with three years of laughter and Aoyu-filled Thursday nights. Whether we’re brainstorming puns, arguing about whether regular or hint of lime Tostitos are better, or running through the pouring rain in Van Cortlandt Park, I’ll always be grateful that The Record has allowed me to form bonds with each and every one of you. 

To Sandhya, I know you’ll do an incredible job with the section next year. Make sure to finally run that bar and bat mitzvah exposé and get all the scoop on 8th grade Dorr! 

Sarah Shin 

Middle Division Editor 

Four years ago, I never imagined writing for the Record. It seemed intimidating, time consuming, and frankly, a lot of work. Looking back, I realized that although most of my suspicions were true, the Record was also incredibly fun and rewarding. Thank you to the Record for helping me break out of my shell, even if it was only a little bit, and for giving me an opportunity to explore the unfamiliar world of journalism. 

I was so honored to have been able to work with such a kind, hardworking, and energetic group of people for the past year. Thank you Volume 115 for creating such a fun and active environment at every Press Night, making it one of the most memorable parts of senior year. A special thank you to Gustie for having been the best EIC ever– I can’t imagine having worked with anyone else. And lastly, of course, an extra big thank you to Mr. Berenson for all the time and effort you poured in to making our paper so amazing. 

Finally, to Sandhya: I have complete faith that you will make MD great next year. The section is truly what you make of it, so don’t be afraid to try new and cool things out. Have fun! 

It’s so bittersweet finally saying bye to the Record. I am so proud of having been part of Volume 115, and I’ll always treasure my time spent working on the paper. I can’t wait to see what the Record will look like next year– Good luck, Volume 116! 

Ariella Greenberg 

Arts Director 

I’m not going to lie, the school newspaper was the last thing I expected to be a part of – but I feel blessed to be put into this position. I’ll miss press nights with you all, and rides back from Sam, and just seeing the same five of you in the stu-pub every day at school. 

This board (and room) has made my high school experience into something I never envisioned and also showed me the different experiences my art can open me up to. I can’t wait to see what every single one of you is doing in the future because you are all so tremendously talented and hardworking. 

Gustie thank you for being so amazing and having hilariously weird and unusable drawing ideas 11pm on press nights. And thanks Mr. Berenson for asking me to draw for the record when I was in 10th cause I wouldn’t have gotten to be a part of this great board if it wasn’t for that. 

Freya Lindvall 

Photo Editor 

As the year winds down, I write to you on behalf of the photo editors, Amrita and Abi, for the Record Volume 115. The year has flew by but in a weird way I’ve always looked forward to my late nights spent in the StuPub with friends who I’ve come to call my family. 

Record is something I signed up for as a freshman just to have an excuse to take more photos. Over the years, however, I’ve learned a lot more about the specific type of photos that are needed to make a publication like Record so exceptional. To be a photo editor means I’m partially in charge of the photos that go out every week. It’s Amrita, Abi’s, and my job to make sure all assignments are sent out each week to photographers, contributing or staff, who understand what shot is needed to make an article come to life. In my opinion, it’s the visuals that make this newspaper so exceptional. Without them, there is no Record, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to make sure every Friday there are excellent visuals to accompany the variety of articles for that issue, even if it means sacrificing some sleep Thursday night. 

From goofy cult-like photos to picnics ending in thunderstorms I’m glad I spent all the time I did with this board and couldn’t imagine a better group of people to recreate the Office with. I wish my best to the board as well of the Class of 2018- thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and helping me grow. 

Ricardo Pinnock 

Lions’ Den Editor 

I don’t mean to trash the other sections, but no section is as fun as Lions’ Den. Lions’ Den, which for the 2017-18 school year basically included the photo editors and Nikki, probably sped up the rate at which Mr. Berenson gets gray hairs. We have the best love triangle in Record history, thanks to Abi, Peter and NIkki. 

I’m not gonna lie and say that the year went by in a flash, nor would I ever call my time as a Record senior “easy;” but press nights with the #RecordFam were, without a doubt, some of the best nights of the year. In my humble and biased opinion, The Record is the best publication at the school, so you know you have it all when you are part of the funnest section in the school’s best publication. The best piece of advice I could give you is to enjoy your time as an editor to the best of your ability. Trust me, enjoying the moment won’t always be easy. I urge you to power through the first trimester and the hell weeks because the paper means so much to the school. 

The Record means so much to me that I don’t care about the stupid criticisms because those people don’t know how much goes into running one of the only student-led award winning weekly papers in the country. People really don’t know how much work we put in week in and week out, and nothing feels better than seeing your hard work come to fruition on a weekly basis. I coined the hashtag, #RecordNeverSleeps, which honestly is one of the truest things a Record editor has ever said. You only get one day of rest, Friday, where you can relish how good the paper looks, then you have to get right back to work to plan for the next issue. 

Because of The Record, I was able to interact with some many people on their turf, talking about activities that they took part in. The reporting aspect of writing was my favorite part of my time on The Record, as it actually renewed my love for HM. As an editor, I missed the reporting process, but I loved being behind the scenes because I found out the news before it became news to the rest of the community. 

Finally, to Will, Brody, and Natasha, I am so much faith in all of you! I’m not lying when I say that you have what it takes to do it! Carry on the LD torch proudly. 

Much love,