Volleyball — End of Year Recap


Laura Bae, Contributing Writer

With a record of 4-11, Girls’ Volleyball had an incredibly constructive season this year, where players learned more and more every game and had a good time, Anna Yarosh (12) said. 

The highlight game of the season for most of the players was the Homecoming game, where “everyone got to play and the team was supporting each other in new and amazing ways,” said Kyra Kwok (11). 

At Homecoming, the team played against Grace Church instead of Riverdale, their usual opponents. “It was nice to play a new team we had never seen before because with Riverdale, we pretty much always know what is coming. Even though Grace Church was a lot like Riverdale it was nice to play a team we had never seen before,” Yarosh said. 

This year, the Lions had a new coach. “I think he was a really great coach. He brought in new ideas and 

techniques we hadn’t been given before and also a new coaching style that I think worked really well for our team,” Yarosh said. 

A star player was Brittany Jones (11), who team captain Emma Kelly (12) said, “was one of my co-captains this past season and continuously did an amazing job and stepped up in practice and in games.” 

Others key players were Zoe Swift (9), who “stepped up to be a skilled middle despite only being a freshman” and “brought a level of game to the court that inspired her entire team,” Kwok said. She also described Yarosh, as a “great libero who was reliable throughout the entire season.” 

“Everyone was and is still a star both on and off the court,” Kelly said. “All of the captains, Brittany Jones, Emma Kelly, and Caroline Troop, carried the team on and off the court,” Kwok said, “The captains made sure to get everyone’s heads into the game one hundred percent, ensuring that even the players on the bench would focus on the game and cheering the court players on.” 

“I think one aspect of the team that made this season really special was that we were all close friends before the season even started,” Kelly said. “That comfort that we all felt with each other really contributed to our cohesiveness on the court and in practice.” The season next year is bound to be just as impressive and successful, if not even more so. 

The seniors and captains leave with confidence, knowing that rising JV players and current Varsity members will uphold all of the lessons they’ve taught them and make them proud.