Editorial – Welcome to Volume 116!

Editorial Board

Welcome back from The Horace Mann Record Volume 116 Editorial Board! The past few weeks we’ve seen the campus slowly begin to come alive as everyone prepares for the coming school year. We would like to particularly welcome new students, as well as the many talented faculty who will be joining us for the first time and are profiled in this issue. 2018-2019 is going to be an exciting year full of changes and growth for all of us.

As the Horace Mann community, we will see the opening of the new HM in Motion construction site, also reported on in this issue. From improving the school’s standard of athletic excellence and providing a locus for scientific research to feeding our coffee addictions and hopefully making the library less crowded, we look forward together to the new opportunities HM in Motion will bring.

2018-2019 also heralds a new era for us, the Editorial Board, on a personal level. As a group of 22 seniors and two juniors, it is now our time to step into the footsteps of the upperclassmen before us as leaders of the school. We hope to serve as role models for the student body, people who lead by example and take action. And, at the same time, we also hope to create an open and accepting community by extending that welcoming hand to both new and returning students and faculty. We hope to be people to rely on and talk to rather than view from afar, as was often our relationship as underclassmen to upperclassmen.

The goals we will use as a framework for our senior year, are, of course, inseparable from our editorial policy as a newspaper for 2018-2019. We are here for you. As upperclassmen, we are prepared to take action – tracking down stories with the determination necessary to bring you the most relevant and latest news. And we are prepared to create an open and accepting community by providing you with a forum for your opinions and your voices – the more diverse and conflicting, the better!

So in the coming year, we hope that you do not view us dispassionately from the distance. Come talk to us! Come suggest stories and ideas; come tell us how we’ve failed and how we can improve. We can’t wait to hear from you.