Summer Sports: Lyndon Gay

Victor Dimitrov, Staff Writer

This summer, Lyndon Gay competed against the country’s top football players at Stanford University, The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and IMG Academy. “In addition to getting a close look at my target schools and gaining exposure in the process, I wanted to see where I stacked up against other players around the country,” Gay (10) said.

“I had a fantastic experience at all the camps although they were very different. I got to know the personalities of the coaching staff, I was fortunate to get a tour of the campus and the facilities, I got to meet kids from around the country that shared my love for football, and I learned a lot in terms of how to be a better linebacker,” Gay said.

The college camps were one day each except the IMG camp where Gay spent one week.

There were many different skill levels at these camps. Gay was able to meet the number one overall recruit which gave him and the rest of the players at the camps something to strive for. The drills and scrimmages at the camps were tough  but thanks to the excellent coaching staffs Gay was able to more than hold his own, Gay said.

Gay’s main goal for  participating in the programs was to get on the radar of different schools, which he felt he accomplished. Gay also sought to become a better linebacker and to evolve into a better player and more valuable contributor to the school’s football team, Gay said.

The coaching at all of the college camps was exceptional and not only had coaches from each respective school but from fifteen to twenty other colleges from all different levels, Gay said. This allowed them to give very specific coaching tailored to each position. In addition, “I was able to get a lot of valuable one-on-one time with the coaches as well as many different tips on my technique”, Gay said.

Because Gay was one of the younger players at the programs and managed to perform well, he received extra attention from the linebacker coaches in between drills, which gave him valuable experience, Gay said.

Gay hopes to play football in college and plans to apply to colleges that will allow him to do so.

Gay loved this experience because it gave him the opportunity to learn about football at the college level and become a better, more well-rounded football player. He plans to add several more college camps to his summer list next year, Gay said.


Lyndon Gay