Time to roar: Lions ready for the hunt – Boys Soccer

Robbie Werdiger, Staff Writer

The Boys Varsity Soccer team looks to triumph tomorrow over their neighboring rival in a highly anticipated homecoming match against Fieldston on Alumni Field. The team is currently 1-1 after beating Loyola and losing to Riverdale, and the players have stressed the importance of improving their record to 2-1 for the season.

Twenty-three players sit on the roster of the Boys Varsity Soccer team after a hot preseason. The team has gained new players such as forward Berk Balir (10), defensive midfielder Jackson Feigin (10), center back Jack Harris (11), and sole underclass starter Chris Robinson (10). These players are trying to replace the loss of former team member Aidan Aisiks, who left the school this year to train at IMG Academy. Leading the Lions in scoring is Gavin Delanty (12), former all Ivy Senior Captain Evan Buonagurio (12), Philippe Boulas (12), and Sean Koons (12).

“The addition of some newcomers has upgraded our team, but our biggest improvement has come with the maturity of our returning players,” Christopher Ha (11) said.

The coaches have helped the team become as prepared as possible for their homecoming match, Ha said.

“We have been lucky to have Coach Quilty assist the team with his conditioning drills that have built up our endurance. Similarly, Coach Berniker has us playing in a 4-4-2 diamond formation that makes the best use of our talent at offense and defense,” said Buonagurio.

“We have demonstrated senior leadership and have bought into our talent and system of play. We are playing with renewed confidence and style which gives us a great chance to put on an impressive showing in Saturday’s game,”  Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Neil Berniker said.