Time to roar: Lions ready for the hunt – Girls Tennis

Andrew Cassino, Staff Writer

After sweeping Fieldston last Friday, the Girls Varsity Tennis team is ready to face the Fieldston Eagles again this Saturday. The team is playing at noon in Van Courtlandt, and although it’s a bit of a walk, it will be worth it.

Head Coach Rawlins Troop along with co-Captains Gibby Thomas (12) and Hannah Long (12) have had the team working hard all season. The team hasn’t had many practices since tryouts, but Thomas believes it’s important that the team retains focus and drive to win, she said.

During the 5-0 win against Fieldston last week, Thomas and Isha Agarwal (11) was excited to see such a spirited group, as the whole team cheered each other on, Agarwal said.

“I’m just very proud of the way they ended that match against Fieldston. I realize we have work to do, but schools are going to have to play us tougher than that to beat us,” Coach Troop said.

The team has no new freshmen, but lost five players from last year; two of them were starters. Thomas believes that this has allowed the team to stay close since last year and maintain the same chemistry, she said.

Look out for singles players Sofia Allinson (10) and JJ Ryu (11). “They have both been playing insanely well, and their matches are the only two that didn’t go to a third set on Friday,” Thomas said. Also watch out for the team’s first doubles, Agarwal and  Long. Although this is their first year playing together, Thomas loves how they complement each other on the court, she said.

Another player to look out for is  Thomas. “Gibby will be playing front and center as always,” Agarwal said. “I’m really excited to see her match. She always has really good energy on the court and watching her play is a lot of fun,” she said.