Time to roar: Lions ready for the hunt – Girls Cross Country

Griffin Smith, Staff Writer

The Girls Cross Country team will take their mark in Van Cortland Park at the Regis Invitational tomorrow.

Last year eight seniors graduated, “so most of our team is really new and it is difficult to say how our speed will be this year,” Rebecca Siegel (12) said.

Practices have been hard this year due to the heat, but the girls on the team have been very supportive, Sarah Taub (9) said.

Some runners to look out for are Sareena Parikh (9), Natalie Sweet (10), Sophia Zelizer (11)  and Euwan Kim (11), Siegel said. “I’m not sure about the speeds of some of the freshmen, but I have my suspicions that they will run well,” she said.  Siegel is “confident that the girls will run as fast as they can,” she said.

Although Siegel is excited for the meet, she is disappointed that “meet support is kind of nonexistent,” she said.  People laugh at the idea of coming down to Van Cortlandt to watch the races, but people will go watch football play at Fieldston, she said.

“This year is actually the first year that they put us on the Homecoming sports schedule despite us racing every homecoming for many years,” Siegel said.  She doesn’t expect many people to come out to support, even though other teams bring many supporters.

The team does get a lot of alumni support at meets, Coach Meredith Cullen said.  She is looking forward to the meet as well as the rest of the season. The team is a great group of runners, she said.