Time to roar: Lions ready for the hunt – Boys Cross Country

Griffin Smith, Staff Writer

Tomorrow the Boys Cross Country team will race to the finish line against athletes from schools around New York City. The team is well prepared for the Homecoming meet as they have had many challenging practices in the heat, Max Migdon (10) said.

The team consists of 22 boys that have all been putting in the “dedication and work for a successful season,” Masa Shiiki (11) said.  The team competes as three different groups: Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity, Coach Jon Eshoo said.  He believes the practices have been going well and “the boys are training hard and building a nice camaraderie,” Eshoo said.

Although the team lost some good seniors and a very good sophomore runner, the team this year is more prepared than in past years, Shiiki said.

The freshman runners will be exciting to watch, Migdon said. Eddie Jin (11)and Skiiki have been training all summer and have been working hard during practices, Migdon said.

Jin and Shiiki are the fastest runners the school has seen in many years, Eshoo said.  Jin and Skiiki currently have personal records of 14:12, and 14:23 respectively, for the hilly 2.5 mile Van Cortlandt park course, averaging an impressive sub-six minute mile.

“Coach Eshoo stepped up the intensity of the workouts for returners,” Richard He (12) said.  He believes it has done a lot for the team’s overall fitness.  This year’s varsity is shaping up to be faster than last year, He said.

In the past the team hasn’t received as much support from the school community as other team oriented sports, like the football team, due to the fact that meets are held in Van Cortlandt Park, Shiiki said.  However, he does expect the supporter turnout to be better this year, and during homecoming, because of “all the notification and signs posted to support the lions’ athletics community,” Shiiki said.

Coach Eshoo is “very pleased with the boys’ effort and attitude,” and is looking forward to the meet, he said.