Community attends ribbon cutting to celebrate new building

Abigail Salzhauer, Staff Writer

Last night, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and current and former trustees attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Lutnick Hall and the new athletic facilities and student center in addition to other renovations.

“The ribbon cutting event is an opportunity for those who have supported the campaign to date, to celebrate the work done thus far — the marvelous outcome of a collective effort, and to see the buildings.  It’s also an opportunity for those of us who make HM our life’s work to say thanks,” Head of School Dr. Tom Kelly said.

“I’m sure anyone who is seeing the buildings for the first time will be astounded. It’s hard to picture what a space will look like, even if you’ve toured the construction site, as many of the guests at tomorrow’s ribbon cutting have done,” Head of the Upper Division Dr. Jessica Levenstein said on Wednesday.

Attendees toured the buildings and watched a video of the new spaces and those who made it possible, Kelly said.

While Levenstein believes that the ribbon cutting is exciting, she thinks that donors getting the chance to see the buildings during the day would also be a good opportunity. “There’s nothing like watching a space come alive with student activity,” Levenstein said.

“I think the new buildings will be fabulous for the school,” Andrea Madaio P’23 said. “To be in an urban environment and have all the space of a country school is amazing,” she said.

After touring the buildings prior to the ribbon cutting, Howard Lutnick P’14 P’16 P’19 P’24 “loved seeing the students and faculty so excited,” he said. The building has great spaces for kids and wonderful places to work and spend time together, Lutnick said.

“While the culture of the school has always been tremendous, I think having the uplift and the new buildings and technology is only going to improve the standing within the community and for the student body,” Marc Cornstein ‘88 P’24 said.

“When I went here, many of these buildings didn’t exist, and certainly the thought of a functioning student center wasn’t a reality, so I think that it’s a great opportunity for the school and its future,” Matthew Morgado ‘94 P’32 said.

“We love that Horace Mann delivers a spectacular education and plays a key role in training the next generation of leaders,” Lutnick said.