Student entrepreneurs conquer the business world – TaskMe

Nelson Gaillard, Staff Writer

Many dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but for Caroline Kaplan (12), that dream has already come true. More than 300 collage orders later, she is on her way to success with her organizational graphic design company, Task Me.

In sixth grade, Kaplan, Olivia Klein (12), Ellie Klein (12), and a friend from outside of school created a phone case business for their friends. Kaplan was in charge of making the website, she said.

That experience inspired Kaplan to start a business of her own, originally called “Caroline’s Kid’s Concierge.” This company was more organizationally-focused, Kaplan said.

However, eventually Kaplan realized that she enjoyed making collages more than organizing desks. “I sent out an email to friends and family announcing that it became more of a graphic design business, and Task Me was born,” she said.

The name ‘Task Me’ was Kaplan’s mother’s idea. “It’s supposed to be like ‘ask me’ but ‘task me,’” Kaplan said. “The whole idea behind ‘ask me’ is that I can do or create anything,” she said.

Kaplan makes collages for birthdays, anniversaries, and bar and bat mitzvahs, as well as videos and photobooks for birthdays and vacations. When she moved away from “Caroline’s Kid’s Concierge,” she wanted to make the company not just for kids “but for everyone,” she said.

“[Caroline] impressed me so much,” said Lauren Anmuth, one of Kaplan’s clients from Rye Brook, NY. “I feel like I’m texting and doing business with a 40-year old woman.”

“If you don’t know how much I worship you and your work, then I’ve failed to thank you adequately,” Rebecca Feuerstein, another one of Kaplan’s clients, said to Kaplan.

“Almost every day, I get a new order,” Kaplan said. “[On Sunday], I got five new orders.”

Kaplan’s middle school client base took her by surprise as Task Me wasn’t intended for middle schoolers, she said.  “I didn’t tailor it to that age range and had no idea that it would become so known among the kids that age.”

As a member of Kaplan’s sixth grade phone case business, Olivia Klein fully supports Kaplan and is proud of her for taking on something this big, she said.

Managing a company and maintaining its success is difficult enough but considering that she is making every collage by herself in the heart of senior fall, Kaplan has been finding it more and more difficult, she said.

“I honestly don’t know how she does it,” Olivia Klein said. “I have no time to do anything else because I’m always doing work.”

For the future of Task Me, Kaplan has not yet decided how she is going to pass on the torch. “I think I might hire someone who is younger than me who can hold down the fort here in New York,” Kaplan said.