Student entrepreneurs conquer the business world – Wonderboy

Spencer Kahn, Staff Writer

Kyle Gaillard (12) makes himself known among young entrepreneurs due to the flashy apparel from his own clothing brand, Wonderboy, Inc. Wonderboy specializes in designer and graphic t-shirts and has been a passion project for about two years, Gaillard said.

“I like to create whatever pops into my head,” Gaillard said. “A lot of it comes from the little things in my life that inspire me.” The brand is a way of “expressing the underappreciated,” he said.

Adam Fife (12) received his first shirt from Gaillard when Wonderboy, Inc. was still a fledgling start-up that went by the name ‘Turnstyle.’ “His SoundCloud rapper name is ‘Solo the Wonderboy’, so recently his clothing brand has had ‘Wonderboy’ printed on the t-shirts,” Fife said. This was the “origin story” of the current brand, he said.

One of Fife’s favorite designs is a shirt with “Wonderboy” text stylized like the “ESPN” logo, including “a line through the top,” Fife said.

Gaillard’s design process is rather simple, Gaillard said. “Any idea that comes into my head, I try to immediately recreate it in Photoshop,” he said. He then uses these designs for his shirts’ specifically unique style.

Gaillard has found success with his brand, at one point producing more than a thousand shirts when the brand was gaining momentum. Gaillard added that he is not alone in his endeavor. “My dad is a major help,” he said.

While the current focus of the brand are the t-shirts, Wonderboy is also expanding into other forms of apparel, like bookbags, Gaillard said.

Starting a successful business at age seventeen has changed the way Gaillard’s friends look at him, he said. “They love the fact I have a business. Everyone thinks it’s really cool,” Gaillard said. “He usually sells out pretty quickly,” Max Guilbaud (12) said. “I’ve seen him working on some designs during frees, too, and they seem splendid.”

For anyone who has ever considered starting a business, Gaillard has some words of encouragement. “Definitely just go for it. There are going to be times where you fail, where it might not even work, but don’t let it stop you.”

Fans should also look forward to a future announcement regarding his brand in December or January, he said.