MD adjusts advisory and grade wide meetings

Henry Owens, Staff Writer

This year, the Middle Division (MD) has made a significant change to the structure of advisory and grade wide meetings. While in the past grade meetings were only 15 minutes during break, now each grade has a 45-minute meeting on a weekly basis. The meeting takes place during a different period each week so that no class is disproportionately being missed.

Grade meetings will cover announcements, activities, speakers, performances, service learning and reflection, Dean of the Class of 2025 Michelle Amilicia said.

“We realized that we needed more together on a regular basis as a grade,” she said. “This meeting also complements advisory because we can use the time to get into breakout groups to discuss topics.”

Della Brooks, Dean of the Class of 2024, thinks that advisory in the MD was a central aspect of students’ daily life, she said.

“Advisory groups have always worked on working cooperatively, sharing experiences, and building a community of around ten people within the larger grade,” Brooks said. “This year that role continues, but topics which were formerly part of the life skills curriculum are being integrated into advisory and grade meetings, as are other grade specific discussions.”

Brooks also believes that this new structure provides a more cohesive experience for both students and teachers, she said.

It is too early to tell if this change will be effective, but Amilicia is “always grateful for any time we are given to be together as a grade,” she said.

“As with any change there is a range of reactions,” Brooks said. “But since we are trying to make improvements as necessary and be responsive to the concerns that are raised, we hope most people will leave the year feeling positive.”