Girls Varsity Tennis hopes to win Ivy League Tournament

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Girls Varsity Tennis hopes to win Ivy League Tournament

Sophie Gordon

Sophie Gordon

Sophie Gordon

Daniel Lee, Staff Writer

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The Girls Varsity Tennis team will look to keep their hopes of an undefeated season alive in the Ivy Tournament on Friday.

In the past seasons, the team has played extremely well, both in the regular season and the Ivy Tournament,  JihSu Ryu (11) said.

“The last time we lost a regular season match was five years ago, when there was not a single player from the current dominant squad on the team,” Head Coach Rawlins Troop said.

Last year, the team came out on top in the Ivy tournament, moving on to the Mayor’s Cup, but lost to Beacon in the finals.

“So far this season, I’m very proud of the team,” Troop said. “The girls have been working hard on their skills and technique and I’m seeing a lot of improvement everywhere,” he said.

The team’s singles players have been exceeding expectations, Troop said.

“Gibby Thomas (12), Sofia Allinson (10), and Ryu have all been playing really well, and I have confidence that they will be very successful,” Troop said. “And the number one doubles players, Isha Agarwal (11) and Hannah Long (12) have also been terrific.”

Long and Agarwal began playing together this year, and have developed great chemistry in the past month and a half, Agarwal said.

“The doubles teams in the league have worked very hard to try to beat us, so there is a much more competitive field for the doubles players,” Troop said. “Nonetheless, I’m confident in the ability of our teams.”

Gibby is the number one singles player, has been phenomenal for the past four years, Long said. “She’s been the number one singles player for all four years that she has been on the team and hopes to continue her streak during her last Ivy tournament,” she said.

“She’s an incredible player, and her matches are really intense,” Agarwal said. “She’s always an energetic spirit on and off the court and she serves as a role model for all the younger girls on the team.”

Allinson, the number two singles player, has also shown a lot of promise and potential, Agarwal said. “She has improved a lot this past year, and her matches are always really exciting to watch, as she’s a perfect combination of power and consistency,” she said.

The team is excited and prepared for the tournament, Thomas said.

They often run match play and other drills with Patric Westoo, a coach from Columbia that helps during the season, Ryu said.

“We have been doing lots of drills to fine tune our skills to feel more confident during matches against other schools,” Thomas said.

“The team wants to do their best and remind the other teams what HM is capable of,” Agarwal said.