Cancer Awareness Club organizes Pink Week to support breast cancer

Henry Owens, Staff Writer

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Cancer Awareness Club (CAC) organized Pink Week to raise money, support, and awareness for breast cancer.

“We assume that most people know what breast cancer is. What we’re really trying to do is garner support and get people motivated to donate and join the cause,” Luke Weber (11), a leader of the CAC, said.

Throughout the week, the CAC implemented community-wide initiatives to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer.

Beginning Monday, the library featured pink decorations and sold bracelets and pins, donating the proceeds to breast cancer research. The club also held a bake sale to continue fundraising efforts.

Several sports teams wore pink clothing at their games in support of breast cancer. The CAC also encouraged members of the general community to wear pink attire throughout the week.

“We are a team, so wearing pink is showing that we are unified with each other and in supporting people with breast cancer,” Jolie Nelsen (10), a member of the Girls Varsity Field Hockey team, said.

“Cancer is something that’s touched almost everybody in this school,” Kyra Kwok (12), a leader of the CAC, said. “Having everybody wearing pink is going to be a big way we show that our community is standing together.”

By wearing pink attire, Weber hopes the community will demonstrate that “we are committed to putting an end to a cancer that has taken many, many lives in our country,” he said.

Rebecca Rosenzweig (10) chose to participate in wearing pink clothing and eye black.

“Almost everyone I know, including me, has been affected by cancer in some way,” Rosenzweig said. “It’s so important to show support for breast cancer research because the fight isn’t only up to doctors and patients. If more people get involved, we can make major steps towards finding a cure.”

On Thursday, the student band Spectrum performed several pieces in support of Pink Week.

The band has also performed at relay for life, another CAC event, in past years, Nyle Hutchinson (12), the drummer for Spectrum, said.

“Spectrum’s performance was really powerful because it brought the community together in support of the incredibly important cause of cancer research,” Julia Robbins (11) said.

Pink Week is also a way of raising awareness for cancer before Relay for Life in the spring, Kwok said. While some smaller initiatives have been implemented in past years during October for breast cancer awareness, Pink Week is the biggest event yet, she said.

“We’re hoping that by [holding Pink Week], we are addressing something that can easily go unsaid or unacknowledged,” Julia Roth (12), a leader of the CAC, said.

“Having been with cancer for a large portion of my life, I feel like it’s my duty – it’s my responsibility – to do whatever it takes to help other people,” Weber, who battled pediatric cancer on-and-off for eight years, said.

Kwok and Roth have both had family members who suffered from cancer, which partly motivated their involvement.

“I can see cancer affect people I care about so greatly,” Roth said.

Having an older sister who is a breast cancer survivor motivated Hutchinson to show support through his music, he said.

“At Horace Mann, I am truly proud and inspired by the fact that there’s a lot of people who want to help,” said Weber. “Everybody has been so motivated, and it is just truly incredible to watch people’s efforts. Especially as a cancer survivor, it is very moving,” he said.