Boys Varsity Soccer dribbles to victory

Jack Crovitz, Contributing Writer

The Boys Varsity Soccer Team beat Fieldston on Monday in a last-minute comeback. Although they were losing at the start of the second half, two goals scored by Evan Buonagurio (12) brought the Lions the victory. The team also won 1­-0 in a game against Collegiate on Wednesday, making their record this season 7-­5.

The team has performed impressively due to a combination of experienced and new players, Head Coach Neil Berniker said.

“The last couple of games have been going very well,” he said. “It’s progressing very nicely.”

One of the team’s strengths has been their defense. “The defense has proven to be really great,” goalkeeper Richard Hausman (12) said. However, the team has struggled in coordination between the lines, particularly in building an attack, Hausman said.

The team is currently ranked fifth in the Ivy Preparatory League, behind Hackley, Riverdale, Dalton and Trinity.

The team hopes to rise to fourth place soon, Jeffrey Chen (11) said. “I feel we have the potential to finish higher in the rankings,” he said.

The next couple games are especially important, Berniker said. “Every win or tie brings us one step closer to the New York state’s consideration for the post­season tournament,” he said.

“I think that we have the skills and players to make States as long as we play our hearts out every single game,” Chen said.

The team is also particularly close-­knit, Hausman said. “Everyone is very supportive and collaborative this year,” Hausman said.

The team captains, Evan Buonagurio (12), Gavin Delanty (12), and Melchior Lee (12) have been especially inclusive, Chen said. “They encourage every single player to reach their full potential,” he said.

Another strength of the team has been their work ethic, shown in early­ morning practices, Hausman said. “The fact that people would come to practice that early in the morning is amazing,” Hausman said.”

Some players who have been especially influential in this season’s success are goalie  Hausman, midfielder Philippe Boulas (12), and midfielder  Delanty, who are “all leaders of the team,” Berniker said.