Ready, set, squash!

Andrew Cassino, Staff Writer

Last Monday, the Boys and Girls Varsity Squash teams had an organizational meeting to prepare for the upcoming squash season. Coach Ronnie Beller will be holding tryouts starting on November 7th.

Beller hopes to have the teams finalized by November 14th. He doesn’t have a set number of players he wants to keep but prefers to keep as many as possible, he said

“I expect both squash teams to play for each other and foster that team spirit we have displayed the past few years,” Beller said.

Although the team was co-ed in the past, squash will be splitting up into two teams. Rhea Sanger (11) and Chloe Kim (11) are both looking forward to having a separate girls team.

Sanger expects the teams to switch off going to Sarah Lawrence College for practice as well as working out in the fitness center. She also found a facility in Westchester that one of the teams would be able to use in the event of both teams having matches.

Sanger is happy about all the interest in the team she’s seen in freshmen and new students, she said.

Connor Morris (12) is excited about the split as more students are now able to play on the team.

“There are a lot of great squash players at the school,” Morris said. “There are not so many spots on the team: we only play seven in the lineup. Splitting into two teams will allow 14 players to get into that lineup and make an impact on HM squash.”  “I’m not technically on the team yet, but I feel like a part of the family. I feel as if I’ve been on the team my whole life,” Sam Mayo (11) said.

Having to take a bus to Sarah Lawrence College for practice limits the amount of time the team can practice Morris said. Efficiency is very important with such time constraints, he said.

“Coach Beller does a great job organizing practice for us, bringing us to Sarah Lawrence, getting us disciplined, and making the best use of the time we have on the courts,” Peter Lehv (11) said.

Every year, the team competes for an Ivy League title. Morris hopes to take home the title this year, he said.

For the first time, Squash will be competing in the NYSAIS championship. Sanger expects the competition to be fierce but has confidence in the abilities of her teammates, she said.