New cafe opening soon

Talia Winiarsky, Staff Writer

The much anticipated opening of the new cafe on the first floor of Lutnick Hall, one of the last installments of HM in Motion, is set to be in mid-November.

The cafe will open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every weekday. Unlike the cafeteria, the cafe will remain open during the break between B and C period for students who may not have a free period during lunch, Senior Director of Dining Services Brenda Cohn said. FLIK Independent School Dining is “honored to be partnering with Horace Mann to create the new café,” Cohn said. Head of School Dr. Tom Kelly said that the school had recognized the need for “a more convenient vehicle for the provision of healthy snacks and even a light dinner, things that vending machines and take-out can’t readily provide to all students.” The school decided “the most logical solution was to fold a modified servery into our long term plans for a campus center,” Kelly said.

The cafe will offer a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, Cohen said. For breakfast, the cafe plans to serve pre-made sandwiches, including their special FLIK muffin breakfast sandwich, which staff will warm before serving. The cafe will also offer breakfast burritos, dry cereals, fresh fruit cups, gourmet yogurts, and bagels, Cohn said.

“I’d be very interested in using the cafe if there are options that I like, but I would still eat at the cafeteria for lunch if I have time to,” Kimberly Dutta (10) said.

Throughout the day, there will be pre-made salads, crudités, fruit and cheese plates, and baked goods, Cohn said. Students can also make suggestions for items. As students use the cafe, FLIK will assess which items are highest in demand and make sure to cater to those demands. Students can pay for these items using their school-issued ID cards and cash.

Spencer Rosenberg (9) plans on going to the cafe for sandwiches before his science class so that he can quickly eat something when he doesn’t have a free period around lunch, he said.

“The cafe will be different than the cafeteria because it will offer different items and will have extended operating hours,” Cohn said. The cafe will be smaller than the cafeteria, but there will be high-top tables installed across from it so that students can enjoy their food, she said.

“Beyond reinforcing the new campus center as a community space, it will allow students to use their student ID to purchase food after hours and during other special events. This new and innovative space is also available for us to better support student and teacher activities in a space capable of holding large numbers,” Kelly said.

“The café will be helpful for when I’m hungry after sports practice and the cafeteria is not open,” Euwan Kim (11) said.

The cafe will serve Illy brand coffee, including cappuccinos, Cohen said. The cafe’s new staff has already been hired, and Illy coffee will provide training in coffee-making to the staff in the next month. The staff was also required to receive training as food handlers, to recieve a certification from New York State, to complete FLIK allergy training, and to take a course administered by ServSafe, a food and safety training program.

The equipment and furniture for the cafe are already on campus and ready to be set up, but the school still has to get the cafe’s electrical system up and running and its plumbing installed, Cohn said.

“I’m looking forward to students enjoying this new place to gather and eat delicious and nutritious food,” she said.