Editorial – Early Applications

Editorial Board

At the eve of early application deadlines, seniors cram to finish college essays, study for exams, and complete homework assignments. As we struggle to balance our academic responsibilities with familial ones, we often lose sight of the matters that are truly important to us, for it is our friendships and sense of camaraderie that helps us through such stressful times in our academic careers.

As the seniors begin to enter a critical point of the year, the Editorial Board would like to acknowledge the importance of self-care and celebrate the Class of 2019. Often, students place their self-worth in college decisions and academic accomplishments, and our competitive spirit frequently inhibits our ability to empathize with others and generates rifts between friendships. However, we should not let our desire to succeed overshadow our appreciation and love for our community. Instead we should use our common struggle through college applications as an opportunity to collectively sympathize and embrace the challenges ahead. The editorial board urges the class of 2019 remember to prioritize our emotional and mental wellbeing over trivial assessments or essays, as it is the lasting friendships that will serve as our support system through the college process.

Instead of stressing over deadlines, we urge the senior class and the Horace Mann community at large to reflect upon what truly important in life and remember that college is simply the next stop, not the final destination. Let the love for our community and peers trump the anxiety of college.

As we enter our final year of Horace Mann and rush to finish our final early applications to college, let the college process unite us rather than divide us.