Library Annex Supervisor Mindy Lisman retires after 33 years

Nishtha Sharma, Staff Writer

Faculty honored the retirement of Library Annex Supervisor Mindy Lisman, who worked at the school for 33 years, yesterday in the Cohen Faculty Dining Hall.

Lisman came to the school in 1985. Outside of the library, she worked on several publications such as the Bulletin, an archived newsletter publication issued by the Horace Mann Parents Association (HMPA), and Horace Mann News, which featured compilations of all the newspaper articles on the school or its alumni, faculty, and students, she said.

Initially, Lisman worked in the annex, which was then a group study space located in the basement of Tillinghast Hall and is now on the second floor of Katz Library, she said. Lisman was also involved in the Donate-A-Book program with the HMPA and assisted with the annual Book Fair.

Proofreading various documents, including the Green Sheet, HM Calendar, and the Family Handbook, was a significant job for Lisman throughout her time at the school, she said.

“I frequently have suggested her to other people for proofreading because she notices all the different discrepancies and clashes,” Chair of the Library Department Caroline Bartels said.

Some other responsibilities Lisman held included submitting student work hours, organizing and processing donated books, and helping out with the switchboard, she said.

Because Lisman also distributed subway and bus passes, she has been able to remember all the students at the school, Bartels said.

“I remember all their names because I care about each student and the dedication I have for them. Even if they don’t know me, I know their name,” Lisman said. “I will definitely miss the students the most.”

“She has a really good memory and it amazes me how much she knows about people. It can be scary sometimes because she knows so much,” Head of Library Circulation Stiffany Aponte said.

When Adriana Hernandez (11) worked in the library, she often had morning conversations with Lisman, Hernandez said.

“It was really nice coming in and saying hi to her every day. She was always friendly and willing to talk,” she said.

“Whenever I came into the library in the morning before it opened, she’d always greet me and say good-morning and she was always very friendly to me and the other interns,” Maggie Brill ’18 said.

“I will miss Lisman’s presence and talking to her about her son,” Aponte said. “She’s a very reserved and quiet person, but we’ve been talking a lot about her grandkids, and we get to exchange stories about kids.”

“My favorite part about working at the school would be the library staff,” Lisman said. “They are top-notch and working under Bartels, who is highly talented and caring, as the with the rest of the staff, has been a pleasure.”

After her retirement, Lisman plans to spend more time with her two grandchildren, she said. Currently, she is using her vacation days to prepare for her move to Boca Raton, Florida.

“[Lisman] really was such a quiet presence but she loves this place and the school, and everything she’s done has been because of that,” Bartels said.